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BSNL MS RRs to re-locate the non optee ITS officers in BSNL published..We seek your comments by email to nagavisb@gmail.com by 31-12-2011 so as to enable to consolidate the same and take up with CHQ.. For the RRs click here...




  • Extending the benefit of notional date of promotion and fixation of pay w.e.f. 23.01.2002 and actual benefits from 01.04.2008 in terms of judgment dated 26.04.2010 of the Hon CAT, Bangalore Bench in OA. No. 181 / 2009 to similarly placed other candidates also ....View letter Copy

Merger of Mobile Operation and Developing Wing:

The long standing demand of SNEA(I) is finally being implemented to merge the Development wing of all SSAs with the Operation wing and all the executives have to report to the respective DE/DGMs of operation wing and they will continue to do the work of survey/installation in their control. Three years back we have strongly opposed this division which has resulted in duplicate estabilishments and confusion in the works at SSA level. However it was forced on us just to divide the staff to two GMs exclusively posted for Development and Operatioaons seperately. We are thankful to the Shri G V Reddy GM NWP-CM for repeatedly moving a positive note on this issue. This will create more co-ordination and reduction in expenditure like vehicle/TA bills since for the same work sometimes both teams were to move wherever lack of co-ordination was existing and sometimes due to the ego of controlling officers. We also extend our thanks to Shri P Raghavan CGM Karnataka for finally agreeing to the just and need of the hour proposal in this regard. We appeal to our comrades to be more realistic and do all possible efforts to reduce expenditure, reduce duplicate establishment and be ready for re-organising the staff for better utilisation to save BSNL money....


CS along with Com Chidamber DS CO met Sr. GM Admn % CGMT KTK Shri R Chandramoluli and discussed the following issues.

(1) Time Bound Upgradation for October 2011 review Cases. GM informed that the APAR sending work has been completed and they will focuss on the DPC of TBU cases now. In HRD section about 300 APARs of JTOs have been received and persuing for the remaining APARs in respect of JTOs. The E4 upgradation issue of recent court cases also will be included in the present review. (2) Left out cases of sending CRs in respect of SDE to DE Adhoc DPC to Newdelhi. GM informed that the details are published in the intranet. As soon as the CRs are received action will be taken to send them to the Corporate office. For letter of missing cases click here. The DSs are are also requested to perue at SSA levels. (3) Considering of request transfer of Com Jagadish Bhat DE Smo. GM assurred to look into the case. (4) TBU cases of Civil and Electrical wing: The proposaql of civil wing is received and action will be initiated to process the same. Regarding the Electrical wing he assurred to discuss with the incharge CE and sort out the issue.

We have also thanked GM for considering the request transfer of Com R R Tikandar DE BL to Hubli TD as he had left with only 8 months service. We have also persued the issues of change of section of some SDE/JTO in circle office and Forwarding the request transfer application of Com Sharathchandra Bhat SDE DKTD to NE II tenure circle.


CS Writes to General Secretary Com G L Jogi, for the generalisation of the notional pay fixation to the remaining 1400 LDCE (2004 batch) passed candidates as per Hon CAT Bangalore judgement in OA No.181/2011 filed by Com S B Nagavi and 123 others in Karnataka...For letter Click here..For comparative statement click here..


For latest LDCE court case update Click Here..

CHQ Building Fund:

Kolar SSA Branch has assurred Rs.31,000-00 towards CHQ Building Fund. We are thankful to comrades of Kolar..

Circle Building Fund:

Comrades, R Lakshamanan SDE ERP ND( Rs.5000-00), Mahesh Kumar JTO Bidar ( Rs.5000-00), Rajendra SDE BGTD ( Rs.3000 ), T R Govindappa SDE MS Koramangala BG (Rs. 2000-00 ) and Madhukar Ichalkaranji SDE CKG ( Rs.1000-00 ) have paid circle building fund.. We are thankful to these comrades..

Meeting with Sr GM Admn Circle Office:

CS met Sr GM Admn Shri Chandramouli on 16-12-2011 and discussed the following issues. (1) Forwarding of CRs to Corp Office for DE to DE promotion DPC.. GM told that all out effoerts are being done to get CRs, and all the received APARs will be sent by flight by special messanger on Tuesday the 20-12-2011 to Corp Office. (2) Improving DE vacancy position: GM informed that already CO has written to Corp Office in this regard. (3) Time Bound Upgradation/ Subsequent Upgradation due in October 2011 Review: This will be taken up now after sending the APARs discussed above. It was also mentioned that the APARs due from the field are also to be perused by our end also since from many SSAs report/CRs are still awaited. (4) Rule 8 transfers of JTOs. It was infromed that 2 more cases will be considered if in the present list, any JTOs are not willing. We have requested to consider some more cases which are very much genine. (5) Preponement of First TBU of JTOs after 2nd PRC implimentation: Details still awaited from SSAs in majority cases.



Kannada Prabha Editorial on 15th Strike. Do not miss to read if you have not been a part of great struggle to save BSNL...view...


History created in BSNL Karnataka even in Bangalore :

Congratulations to the absorbed executives and non-executives of Karnataka. 100 % participation in today's strike proved the rejection of bad policies of BSNL managment and continuing of the ITS cadre in BSNL. The official figures itself state that 100% strike was reported in Belgaum, Bidar, Bijapur, Gulbarga, Hubli, Kolar , Tumkur and in Bangalore it was 97%. Barring some SSAs where the probationary officers have attended the office/duty. In WMS some activists including Com M H Gombi AGS were taken to police station and then sent back on the complaint of picketing. In all the places the programme was peaceful and a grand success. Comrades of AIGETOA have also participated in the strike in Karnataka.

SNEA Karnataka is thankful to all the participants. Our special thanks to all the organisors at every SSA.

Particularly in Bangalore- the efforts of DS BGTD Com Hiremugadur, DP BGTD Com Ranganayakulu and AS Com Balakrishna Aithal. Com Chidambar BS CO in holding preparatory meetings, communicating to members thr' SMS/Website and in person appeal to all the members in big buildings like CTO,NTB,WMS,Jayanagar etc.,.Our special thanks to Com Sudarshan DS BSNLEU BGTD, Com H Y Andeli CS AIBSNLEA, Com Manjunath CS AIGETOA, Com Gundanna Convenor JAC KTK and Com M H Gombi AGS.. For offical report of strike participants click here..


CHQ Message

Struggle is the only way to protect our jobs and beloved Company. That is what our history of consistent struggle under the banner of JAC clearly brings out.

Let us quickly recapitulate how continuous struggle has protected our beloved Company from being sold and in the process securing our jobs so far.


  1. ·      Persistent efforts to sell the equity of the Company have been defeated. When the Company was at its peak of glory in terms of annual profits crossing 10,000 crores, determined efforts of the government in collusion with vested interests from industry to acquire huge equity of the Company as its strategic partner have been defeated lock, stock and barrel. As a consequence today, we have great pride that Company’s equity was not allowed to be diluted through struggle and that government has 100% holding in the Company.
  2. ·      Precious resource of the Company “Copper” which almost every minister starting from Late Sh. Pramod Mahajan tried desperately to sell to private Companies stands protected through struggle alone. Present MOC&IT has already made up his mind to kill us by incorporating   dubious and well clad provisions in “NTP 11” to allow sale of copper which is our most invaluable resource that we cannot spare.
  3. ·      How we could succeed to procure 22 m GSM equipment in 2007 when then MOC&IT suddenly decided to scrap entire order for procurement of 45.5 m GSM lines. Had we struggled a little bit more, entire size of the tender to procure 45.5 m GSM lines could have saved easily.
  4. ·      How we forced the Union Cabinet to take a very positive decision on revision of our IDA pension consequent upon implementation of 2nd PRC for executives and wage revision for non executives.
  5. ·      How are we nearing success in forcing the government to refund obsolete BWA spectrum charges valued approximately at Rs 7000 crores in respect of Circles where we have not rolled out Wimax operations? Any let up on our part will be suicidal since the government is not easily going to part away with such huge money.
  6. ·      How we have succeeded in settling the issue of payment of pension contribution by BSNL to DOT on actual basic instead of maximum of IDA Scale thus saving annually about Rs 500 crores.
  7. ·      How we have forced the government to pay us Rs 6000 crores USO fund for three years from 2008 to 11 when the government decided to stop payment of any subsidy from USO fund to us. Today the government is yet again considering continuing annual USO subsidy of Rs 2000 crores.
  8. ·      How issue of ITS absorption has got a real head start because of our sustained pressure and to take this issue to its logical conclusion continuance of sustained effort is absolutely necessary.
  9. ·      How tenders for procurement of 14.37 m GSM, Cables, optical fibres cables, telephone instruments, MLLN and BB modems etc. etc have reached conclusive stages after our protracted struggle.
  10. ·      How are we nearing success in forcing the government to take a definite stand and action under provisions of 3G licensing against Bharti, Vodafone and Idea for their violation of 3G policy which is adversely affecting only BSNL which has paid Rs 10000 crores Pan India 3G spectrum charges, 40-50% more than these operators. If we remain firm, there is strong possibility for us to be treated at par with these operators and get refund of about Rs 4000 to 5000 crores 3G spectrum charges.


Comrades, politicians, bureaucrats, vested interests and a thoroughly unprofessional, inefficient and corrupt BSNL management would have eaten up our jobs and mortgaged the Company to vested interests had we not remained alert and consistently struggled from the platform of JAC.


Let us not be carried away by deduction of one, two or three day’s wages for going on strike since getting bogged down in that totally irrelevant and counterproductive debate would mean ending up in losing our jobs altogether. Let us also keep at the back of our minds that we have lost already our bonus and partially medical reimbursements and LTC. Any kind of let up on our part to struggle will end up in our losing the jobs, not one/two/three day wages.   



15th December Strike

JAC Karnataka holds press meet today. The media and press people have been updated on the 15h strike demands. The circle secretaries of SNEA(I), AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA and the circle secretaries of group C unions have participated in the meet. Convenor JAC appraised the details. AGS SNEA(I) was also present. From SNEA AS Com Aithal DP Com Ranganayakulu and DS BGTD Com Hiremugadur also attended.

The massive gate meeting was also held at CTO building in the lunch hours and all above leaders addressed the gathering.


LDCE Contempt petition (38/2010) filed by S B Nagavi:

The case came up for hearing on 12-12-2011. CMD BSNL Sh R K Upadyaya and CGMT BG Sh P Raghavan have personnally attended the Hon CAT Bangalore as per the directive of the Haon CAT. Shri P A Kulkarni counsel for the LDCE applicants reported the implimentation of the judgement in toto our satisfaction and hence the CP was closed.

Com S B Nagavi personnally met the respected CMD and submitted 2 page brief; explaining the injustice and pay loss being experienced by the 1600 LDCE candidates all over India. CMD was kind enough to go through the brief and was convinced of our grievience. For brief click here. For comparative pay loss click here.

SNEA Karnatka will take up the matter with CHQ for generalisation of the benefit to other candidates once the REVIEW petition ( 315/2011) is also disposed off which is likely to be heard in the first week of Jan 2012.


PRESS CONFERENCE AND GATE MEETING AT TELEPHONE HOUSE ON 13TH DECEMBER,2011 FOR PREPARATORY OF ONE DAY STRIKE ON 15TH DEC,2011 - JAC KTK is holding a press conference at Press Club of Bangalore at 1100 hrs on 13/12/2011.During lunch hour, a gate meeting at Telephone House, BGTD (CTO Building) will be conducted. JAC leaders will address the gate meeting . Reporters of press and Electronic media are invited for this gate meeting. Hence,All the Comrades stationed at Bangalore are requested to attend in large number for gate meeting at Telephone House, BGTD, Rajbhavan Road, Bangalore without fail.

ONE DAY STRIKE ON 15th DECEMBER,2011 (THURSDAY)- JAC CHQ CALL  : The Joint Action Committee off BSNL Associations / Unions off Executives & Non--Executives as also the All India Unions had issued a strike notice for 10tth October,, 2011 as per JAC /AGN dated 22..09..2011 which was later deferred. Even though it is about two months after the discussion no tangible result iis forth coming from the BSNL management.. As such the meeting off the JAC held on 16tth November,, 2011 has decided to organize the deferred one day strike on 15tth December,, 2011 on the same demands as given bellow.

1.. No VRS

2.. Immediate repatriation of ITS non--optees and handing over charges to absorbed executives..

3.. Immediate payment of Bonus ((PLI))

4..Restoration of Medical  Allowance,, Leave encashment and LTC

5.. 78.2% IDA Fixation.

6..Immediate procurement and supply of equipments including GSM,, BB Modem,, Cables,,Trans SMS,, MLLN etc.. and implementation of important business projects like ERP,, NGN and Transmission NMS..

7.. Government Policy related issues::

a)) Compensation for loss making rural services according to policy commitments..

b)) Pension Contribution to DOT only on actual basic pay instead of maximum of the pay scale..

c)) Refund Rs..8313 crore paid towards non--standard BWA spectrum band already surrender by BSNL..

d)) Immediate cancellation of licenses of private operators who are illegally providing 3G services without 3G spectrum allocation..

e)) Access Deficit Charges ((ADC)) should be quantified through adequate and appropriate mechanism and paid to BSNL..

f)) Reimbursement of License Fee to BSNL as assured at the time of corporation. 

g)) Refund of ‘‘Notiional Loan’’ of Rs.. 7500 crore with interest collected by DOT from BSNL..

h)) Discontinue all Telecom Advisory Committees.

All the Divisional/Dist. / Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure successful implementation of  one  day strike call.



Massive rallies are held at many SSAs. Lunch hour demonstration was held at Circle Office Bangalore. The JAC leaders com Gundanna, Com Nagavi and Com Andeli addressed the gathering and appealed for the preperaton of 15th December 2011 total strike.. For the glimpses of RALLY at mysore click here...

Unity is strength:

We are moving forward in the right direction;

Com Manjunath CS AIGETOA Karnataka circle along with other AIGETOAans met CS Com S B Nagavi and expressed their full support in the struggle on 100% ITS repatriation issue and to ensure the survival of BSNL. He has assurred of their full participation in the 15th December strike with the JAC. We welcome and ackonwledge the positive stand taken by them. Let the struggle for justice grow stronger.. Long live executives' unity. Long live workers unity..


For the photos of Candle March at Bangalaore CLICK HERE......

Succesful CANDLE MARCH at Bangalore on 1-12-2011.

The United Forum of Executives' Karnataka circle acknowledges the participation more than 400 BSNL executives including the absorbed Group A Officers of BSNL in the candle march on 1-12-2011. The march commenced sharp at 1800 hours from Queen's Statue near Anil Kumble Circle and went on for one hour upto CTO Building and concluded after handing over of the memorandum to His Excellencye Governor of Karnataka followed by the address of CS SNEA and AIBSNL EA. Com M H Gombi AGS SNEA(I) also addressed the huge gathering of BSNL absorbed executives and called upon the members to be ready for any sort of organisation activity in the near future to send out the NON OPTEE ITS officers' at the earliest..For photos click here..

UF of Executives' will be on CANDLE MARCH on 1st December 2011 at 1730 hours. Executives are requested to assemble at CTO (Telephone House) Bangalore sharp at 1700 hour on 1-12-2011 to participate in the programme as per the CHQ call..


The contempt petition (38/2010) filed by Com S B Nagavi for the delay in implementing the notional pay fixation in OA 181/2009 came up for hearing at Hon CAT BG and orders were passed for the personnel appearance of CMD BSNL and CGMT KTK on 12-12-2011. For orders click here...

Karnataka circle issues instructions for the implementation of the Hon CAT BG order in OA 181/2009 and pay arrears before 5-12-2011 to comply in the above CP. For letter click here.

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