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Circle Secretary appeals for donation of Rs.500-00 from each member from pay arrears to strengthen the finanicial strength of circle. District Secretaries to collect and remit to Circle treasurer Com Sureshkumar immediately





CIRCLE NEWS UPDATED ON 01-06-09 at 1800 hrs:

Com V.Mukundan SDE Mysore Circle President SNEA(I) KTK Circle and Com Nagabhushan SDE Mysore retired on 31.5.2009 on superannuation.

The Circle organization wishes the happy retired life to our comrades. The circle organization places on record the services rendered by Com V. Mukundan in the trade union movement as a leader of BSNL employees organization and also as the President of Executive Association SNEA(I) KTK Circle. Com Mukundan had the commitment towards the solving of all judicious issues of the employees and was a bold leader and took the administration squrily whenever there were injustice and harassments on the working class. The Circle Organization salutes for the commitments of our Comrade.

We therefore wish him a Very Very Very Happy retired life and we will continue to look forward for his valuable guidances for taking this mighty organization to glowrious achievements in future also.

DS BGTD Com Hiremugadur and BS C.O KTK Com B.D.Mahadeva met GM(A) and DGM(S) C.O discussed and requested for the correction on resently issued promotion order of JTO to SDE for the following cases.

1. Com Nagesh.C Mys TD to HSN TD

2. Com Ramesh.S BGTD to MS (D) Mys

3. Com Keshavamurthy MS(D) Mys to Mys TD

4. Com C.R.Nagaraj MS(O-I) BG to MS(O-II) BG

Flash News click here for order1 order2

CIRCLE NEWS UPDATED ON 30-05-05-09 at 1800 hrs:

30-05-09::Congratulations Comrades......... Promotion orders issued and postings done as per our requirement to same SSA to the extent of 100% vacancy. Disturbance in case of no vacancy that too with option. We are thankful to CGMT/GM Adm Karnataka. We are thankful to DGM/AGM and staff for their untiring works Click for orders


25-05-09::Posting orders of 67% seniority promotions from JTO to SDE will be issued on 29-5-09. All will be accommodated in same same SSA except Karwar, Bellary and Hubli where the strength exceeds the sanctioned posts. For juniors option will be called for in r/o these SSA.( Karwar-3, Hubli-13 and Bellary-5). Last date for option is 28-5-09. Click here for letter.

25-05-09::Request transfers in JTO Cadre: Circle office published the list of JTO request transfers. Last date for cancellation is 31-5-2009. Comrades please note. Click ...for letter.. for List...


21-05-09::CS Com Nagavi along with CT, Com Sureshkumar, ACS Com Aital, CWC Member Com Shanwad and DS BGTD, Com Hiremugadur, met GM Admn and discussed the following issues.

(1) Posting of SDEs on promotion and immediate issue of posting orders if the promoted SDE is retiring in May 09 We have also requested to post the SDEs to the extent of vacancies available in the same SSA and avoid disturbance. (2) Considering request transfers of DE(Adhoc).(3) Calling for options for SDE(L) to RTTC Mysore.. (4) Rule 8 transfers of JTOs. (5) Considering request transfers of left out cases of SDE (119 Cancellation cases) and also requests of SDEs under promotion orders.

As persued by us today Time bound promotion in the cadre of JTOs left out (E1 to E2) is issued. Click for orders


19-05-09::JTO to SDE promotion order issued on 15.05.09: The corrections / missing cases if any may be reported to CHQ by tomorrow evening by the CSs. The scanned copy of representations has to be mailed to and All DS to note and send mail if any such cases


19-05-09::CS is getting complaints of missing names in the SDE promotion list.They are requested to address Dir HRD CO through proper channel and send one copy to CS through Dist Secretary immediately to take up the case with CHQ......

19-05-09:: For SSA wise list of JTOs promoted as SDEs.......Click here

16-5-09:: Posting orders have been issued in respect of SDEs transferred back to Karnataka Circle from NE and QA. The requests of our comrades have been favourably considered with the persuation of circle organisation.The cancellation of transfer of Com P G Bhagavat SDE Karwar is also considered.Circle organisation is thankful to GM(A)/CGMT KTK.... Click here for order......

15-5-09::Congratulations Comrades......... JTO to SDE (Seniority cum fitness quota) promotion orders issued. 95% of candidates posted within Karnataka Circle. Out of 249 only 12 are posted to tenure places. Circle Organisation is thankful to Com G L Jogiji and his team for their untiring efforts in getting the promotions and also getting posted to home circles.SNEA(I) CHQ has done it............ Click for promotion order....Click here for Karnataka List

15-5-09::Local officiating order in the cadre of JAG (DGM) issued............... Click here for order.....

14-5-09:: CS writes to CGMT Karnataka regarding rule 8 transfers of JTOs... Click here for letter....

14-5-09::CS and DS BG TD met GM(Admn) and discussed about the postings of SDEs tranferred from QA and regarding the postings of incoming SDEs on trqansfer orders from other circles. GM (Admn ) was also requested cancel the postings of unwilling SDEs who are posted MS earlier. GM assuerred to look into...

07-05-09(1800 hrs)::It is confirmed that CGMT KTK has approved the REQUEST TRANSFER OF SDEs HAVING LESS THAN 2 YEARS OF SERVICE. The request transfers of (1) Com Nagendra (2) Com Jafrulla and (3) Com Elligebeth Thomus will be issued shortly. Our continuous persuation yielded results. Circle organisation is thankful to AGM Staff/DGM Staff/ GM Admn/CGMT KTK......
07-05-09:: Considering of Request transfers of SDEs having less than 2 years of service:The association has been persuing the issue for long time. GM Admn assured positive action in the matter.

06-05-09::Selection of faculty to RTTC MY: Orders issued today. GM Admn assured that action will be taken to call for options for the remaining posts of SDE (L) as requested by our association. Click here for posting orders...

05-05-09::SDEs of QA transferrred back to Karnataka Click here for order

05-05-09::Inter Circle request transfer order issued and 6 SDEs gone to North East on promotion two years back transferred back to Karnataka. Click here for order

05-05-09:: CS writes to CGMT Karnataka to call for fresh options to fill up faculty in RTTC MY.......... Click here for letter.

04-05-09::CS along with DS BG TD met GM Admn and discussed the following issues:(1)E1 to E2 time bound promotions of left out cases of JTOs ( Particularly BG TD cases). The DPC is complete and orders are likely to be issued this week. (2) Request transfer cases of executives having less than 2 years of service:GM Admn assured positive action. (3) Calling for fresh option to work as facaulty in RTTC MY in the cadre of SDEs: We have pleaded that instead of conducting DPC on the options called one year back, fresh options be called for the extra vacancy to be filled now to get better talented SDEs. It may be noted here that when last option was called many compititive passed SDEs could not apply due to shortage of minimum service condition in the cadre of SDE. GM assured positive action.

22-4-09:: The modified posting order for JTOs being surplus at QA as demanded by our Association is issued today. All are getting posted to BG HQ as detailed below.We are thankful to GM Adm KTK

(1) Com P Vijayalaxmi modified from KLR to BG TD ( 2) Com S Vanaja modified from KLR to BG TD (3) Com T Nirnala modified from KLR to BG TD (4) Com M Narayana Rao modified from HSN to BG TD (5) Com S Vijayalakshmi modified from TMR to BG TD (6) Com D K Anandamurthy modified from HSN to BG TD (7) Com B Vasanthi Bhat modified from MY to BG TD ( 8) Com H N LeelaKLR to CO BG

22-4-09::As per the request of individuals and persuation by Circle Secretary the following cancellation & modification in r/o SDE transfers issued vide CO No.Staff/3-2/R R Trfs/2009/KW/2 dtd 21-4-2009.

1. Com P S Kulkarni SDE BJP TD transferred to MS(O) is cancelled

2. Com Shripad Talapalle SDE SMO under transfer orders to BJP TD ia modified as SDE MS(O) Bijapur.

Circle Organisation is thankful to GM(A)/DGM(Staff)/AGM(Staff) for the positive stand taken.

20-4-09::CO issued instructions to field units to relieve the SDEs in r/o old orders also. SNEA had already written letter on 13-4-09 against the discriminative actions in case of releiving of SDEs on long stay transfers.Click here for CO letter.......

CS SNEA KTK Com Nagavi and CS AIBSNLEA KTK Com Andeli met GM Admn KTK and protested against the delay in releiving SDEs of old transfer orders but pressurising on the latest order. UF of Executives' also writes to CGMT KTK . Click here for UF letter

19-4-09::For attention of CWC members: The Central Working Committee of SNEA(I) will be held on 26th and 27th of June 2009 at Shillong (Assam). Participant CWC members are requested to be present at Gawahathi on 25th Morning itself and hence they are requested to immediately confirm to Com S B Nagavi CS KTK/Com Sureshkumar CT KTK for their reservation arrangement if they are joining for CWC tour from Bangalore.

18-04-09:CS spoke to GM Admn and confirmed that the CRs/Spl reports in r/o SDE to DE Adhoc promotion are being sent by spl messenager and will reach CO on 20-4-2009.

17-04-09: CS and AGS C M H Gombi attended and addressed the meeting of STR Branch at NTB Bangalore.

17-04-09:Modification order issued due to persuatomion of Circle Organisation in respect long stay transfers to set right the mistake occurred in considering seniority. Click here for order

16-04- 09:DPC for SDE to DE promotion: Missing CR/Spl report still pending. List published by Cricle Office. DS to ensure the same by tommorrow. Click here for letter

16-04- 09:CS and AGS attended the Branch Secretaries meeting of BG TD on 15-4-09 and addressed the meeting.It is resolved that discrimination shown in the relieving of specific executives only is to be opposed and to persue uniformity in relieving of executives on long stay transfer.

CS meets AGM staff and AGM HRD and assertained that E1 to E2 TBP in respect of BG TD is likely to issued in this week and the process of collecting CRs for SDE to DE Adhoc is in full swing and will be completed in couple of days.

15-04- 09:CS writes to CGMT KTK to issue suitable instructions to GMs for giving preferance in place of posting of SDEs served in tenure places like Madikeri/Bidar as per NTP..........Click here for letter.

CS writes to General Secretary for.....

1. Re-allotment of JTO trainees to consider Rule 8 transfers Click here for letter.

2. Relaxation of minimum marks/ retotalling/ revaluation cases of 25 % LDCE of JTO to SDE Click here for letter.

3. Consideration of inter circle transfers of SDEs. Click here for letter.

4. Issue of DE Adhoc promotion Missiong case. Click here for letter.


13-04- 09:CS writes to CGMT Karnataka to remove the discriminations in long stay rotational transfers. Click here for the letter

13-04-09: The 3rd District Conference of Bijapur SSA was held under the Presidenship of Com Jigajinni at Hotel Navaratna International Bijapur on 11-4-09 in a very very Grand Manner. Com M H Gombi, AGS Com S B Nagavi Circle Secretary Com M G Quraishi AreaSec (N) and Com D DShanwad CWC Member of SNEA attended the conference and addressed the gathering. The OPEN SESSION was graced and addressed by Shri Belgal DGM Plg, Shri Savalsang DGM Finance and Com Salakki All IndiaVP BSNLEU& Com Mahuli DS AIBSNLEA and leaders of other unions. The hall was packed by more than 80 SNEA(I) members of BJP SSA and many invitees of other unions/associations. Circle organisation was impressed by the arrangement and the discussion took place for the focuss of marketing of our products and value added services and increasing the market base.The DS BJP particularly thanked Shri Ravichandran GM Bijapur for his co-operation in service matters and specially in HR issues related to our comrades.

The following office bearers were elected unanimously for the year 2009-10

President: Com S M Ealladagi, DE JMKD.

Dist Secretary: Com D P Kulkarni, SDE BJP.

Treasurer: Com N B Gejji, JTO, BJP


10-04-09:The CRs from many SSAs are still awaited for promotion SDE to STS(DE) and hence District Secretaries are requested to persue the matter with GMs and arrange to send them immediately. For details of names click here

09-04-09: TTA to JTO Officiating orders issued today for 280 posts.It includes STR left out case also. Circle body continuously persued the issue and got the order issued. We are thankful to circle administration. Click here for order

09-04-09: Com M H Gombi, AGS, Com S B Nagavi, CS and Com Hiremugadur DS BG TD met Shri Shubhendu Ghosh PGM BG TD and discussed about service improvement in fixed and GSM services and to increase the market base. We have assurred our full co-operation in the matter.We have also discussed about considering of the request transfers of JTOs and SDEs during the posting of the incumbants particularly the rural to urban transfers. PGM assurred that all cases will be considered.We are thankful to PGM BGTD for his positive assurance.


09-04-09:Long standing JTOs transferred to other SSAs and were waiting for 3 years have been transferred back to home SSAs. The consistant efforts of circle organisation yielded results. We are thankful to CGMT/GM Admin/AGM HRD for the kind action.Click here for Order

09-0409: CS meets AGM HRD regarding TTA to JTO Officiating orders. The order is likely to be issued today according to AGM.

08-0409:CS and DS BGTD meets GM(A) and discussed about the transfer of JTOs back to their HQRs who have gone on longstanding transfers. GM (A) was kind to approve the cases. Orders are likely to be issued shortly. Circle organisation is thankful to the CGM/GM Admn for considering the transfers. We are also persuing the transfers of SDEs having less than two years of service to the desired stations.

CS Com S B Nagavi and AGS Com M H Gombi will be attending the District Conference of Bijapur SSA on 11-4-2004



Condolences: We regret to inform the sad demise  Com.V Keshavardhana Rao, working as JTO Indoor Bellary  due to massive heart attack on 29-3-2009. SNEA condones the sad demise of our beloved comrade and pray God to give strength to the bereaved family.

03-04-09: CS along with Circle Treasurer,DS BG TD and AGS Com M H Gombi met CGMT Karnataka immediately after his return from Delhi and appraised him of the damage caused due to the abrupt failure of GSM mobile for a very long period on 1st April.CGM appriciated the interest shown by the Association and particularly mentioned that the message of failure was fisrt got by Com Gombi our AGS and later by his other officers.Our association requested for a thorough investigation of the failure and take appropriate technical and administrative measures so that such failures would not and should not occur in future. It is unfortunate that in such compititive environment we have to very seriously apply our mind and soul for the efficient working of the GSM system which is earning our bread and butter. CS along with BG TD comrades had several times met GMs/DGMs in charge of Bangalore GSM regarding problems faced by the GSM subscribers in Bangalore. But still no positive improvement is noticed.The immediate tender finalisation and procurement of filters would have definitaly improved the service though the top admnistrative approval exists for it. Even the press statement given by the BSNL in the present instance is not convincing and also countered by the BESCOM authorites.All these issues were brought to the notice of CGMT . CGM assuered us that appropriate action will be taken in the matter and thanked SNEA for showing the concern and emotion in the matter. GM MS (O) BG, GM(O) and GM (Admn) were also present in the meeting.

Circle Organisation also thanks Com M H Gombi, AGS,CHQ, for the keen interest taken in the matter.AGS had also written to GS regarding above issue along with the copies of the press notes.

Updated on 03-04-2009 at 10.00 Hrs.

2-4-09:CS along with DS BG TD meets GM (A)/ DGM staff Karnataka Circle and discussed the tranfer back of JTOs sent on long stay and posting of repatriated QA JTOs to BG. GM (A) assuered to take positive action in the matter.


Updated on 28-03-2009 at 18.00 Hrs

CS writes to CGMT regarding Rule 8 request transfer of JTOs Click here for letter

CS writs to CGMT regarding additional allotment of newly recruited JTOs to Karnataka Circle Click here for letter

Updated on 28-03-2009 at 12.30 Hrs

Transfer and posting of SDEs

The transfer order in respect of SDEs on long standing / request transfers issued. The Circle body is thankful to CGMT / GM (Admin) for considering all the request transfers and for bringing back the SDEs who have completed two years serverice in their transfer places. Click here for order

Circle Secretary's Appeal.

The Circle Secretary appeals for donation of Rs.500.00 from each member from pay arrears to strengthen the organization financially.

Updated on 16-03-2009 at 13.30 Hrs


Make the 17th March 2009 DHARANA Programme a grand success. CS appeals for enmass participation. It is a Joint Forum call. BSNL EW / AIBSNLEA will also participate.

Circle Secretary's Appeal.

The Circle Secretary appeals for donation of Rs.500.00 from each member from pay arrears to strengthen the organization financially.

Updated on 28-02-2009 at 17.30 Hrs

NEWS 28thFeb-2009: New Pay scales approved:, Congratulations, Presidential notification issued by DOT>Click here for copy of Order>>>>>>. The untiring efforts made by CHQ under the leadership of Com G L Jogi at last yielded results. Presidential approval has been granted, Association had requested the BSNL management to endorse the same at the earliest for payment of Arrears. New HRA rates are effective from now on, SNEA Karnataka Circle is extremely thankful to all the rank and file of the executives who stood by us in our fight to achieve this grand success. Once again Congratulations to one and all.

Updated on 25-02-2009 at 09.30 Hrs

25.02.2009 -Hon. MOC & IT cleared the proposal of BSNL Board regarding new  IDA payscales , fixation of pay etc for the Executives in accordance with the orders of DPE
Pay revision file has been cleared by DoT & Sent to MoC .....CS
Flash News : Member Finace cleared Pay revision file& Sent to Secy DoT,. Expected to be cleared by tomorrow evening....CS


All the CRs of 75% seniority cum fitness promotion from JTO to SDE have reached Corporate office today by Special Messanger. SNEA is thankful to SDE HRD/AGM HRD/DGM Staff/GM Admn/ CGM BG and all the staff involved in the porcess of this marathon work.Circle organisation is also thankful for the cooperation of the DS/Circle Office bearers who have persued these cases.

Attention of all DS/Circle Office Bearers: The Joint Forum of BSNL Executives Associations and Non-Executive Unions have launched trade union programme for resolution of the ITS ABSORPTION as per the following schedule.

  1. To observe 24th Feb.,09 as “BLACK DAY” by wearing black badges and holding Lunch/Closing hour demonstrations at Corporate/CGM/SSA levels.
  2. To observe full day Dharna on 17th March.,09 at Corporate/Circle/SSA levels
  3. To participate in full day strike on 25th March,09.
  4. To participate in indefinite strike, the date of commencement of which shall be decided and notified subsequently. 
Start making extensive and base level organizational preparations to make the programmes of organisational action, including strike on 25th March,09,  complete and astounding success.

13-2-2009:GS Write to DIR(HRD), BSNL regarding contribution towards EPF Pension for JTOs/employees recruited directly by BSNL. In some Circles/SSAs pension contribution is not done @ 8.33% of Basic + IDA irrespective of repeated reminders from BSNL CO. All Circle/SSA Secs are once again requested to ensure that 8.33% of Basic + IDA is deposited towards pension scheme by  all DDOs.

Visit CHQ web site for details.

GS Write to DIR(HRD), BSNL regarding Extending facilities to the TTAs who had successfully passed the Direct  recruitment of JTO-2007 examination as ‘departmental outsider’

AGS Com M H Gombi, meets Shri Anil Jain DDG Broad Band ND during his visit to Bangalore on 13-2-2009 and discusses about service matters. The frequent failures of Broad Band services due to problems in NOC etc were brought to the notice of  DDG BB. The unsatisfactory service of GSM and CDMA in Bangalore area were also brought to the notice of DDG for immediate resolutions of the issues related to Filters/Optimisations and proper co-ordinations in the different wings of MS section. 

CS alongwith ACS Com.Shridhar and STR BG President Com.Vasan met GMM(STR), BG on 11.02.2009 and had discussions regarding the various grievences of STR comrades.The GM had shown keen interest in solving the problems.Some transfer issues of the Comrades were discussed and GM assured to look into the cases favourably.

10-2-09: The informal meeting with the CGMT Karnataka is held on 10-2-09. From management side GM Admn, GM (F) and DGM Staff were also present. From SNEA (I) the meeting was represented by Com S B Nagavi CS, Com V Mukundan CP, Com SavitaVP Com Hiremugadur DS BGTD Com Suresh kumar CT, Com A G Kudagi ACS, Com Pandurang Naik ACS and Com Ravishankar (Civil wing)  ACS.

Click here for Details of Discussions


CS along with Circle Treasurer Com Suresh Kumar met GM(Admin) and discussed about the wrong interpretation of CGM circular by some SSAs regarding forwarding of request transfer letters of SDEs transfered on long stay basis and completing two years of service in May/June 2009. GM (Admin) directed the concerned GMs to immediately to forward such applications. CO also issued a corrigendum to the earlier circular. Click here for circular.

CS and Circle Treasurer also met AGM(R&E) and requested him to expedite the JTO appointment process like verification and medical examination and arrange for induction training of the recruited candidates.

CS and Circle Treasurer also met AGM(Staff) and AGM(HRD) and discussed about the CR compilation process for 75% seniority promotion from JTO to SDE. All the CRs have been received and it is likely that scruitiny will complete within couple of days and next week CRs will be sent to CO.


Updated on 04-02-2009 at 17.45 Hrs

Agitation deffered

The United forum of BSNL Executives decided to defer the agitaional programme as per the written assurance given by the BSNL management. Click here for letter of management

Click here for letter of United Forum.

The Circle Association Congraulates all the brave comrades who have supported the programme by participating in the lunch hour demostration for the last three days.


Agitational programme:

As per the directive of United Fourum of Execuitives CHQ the agitational programme will continue with full swing as per the schedule. As such no concrete result has come out in the yestarday's meeting with Director (HRD), comrades are directed to intensify and ensure their enmass participation for achieving the justified demand of wage revision and finalisation of MTRR. All the DS and Circle Office Bearers are requested to actively organise the programme to ensure 100% participation in their SSAs/Districts/Branches.

The response for the lunch hour demonstration on 2nd and 3rd Feb2009 was very much encouraging from all the districts and the circle organisation, Circle Secretary, Circle President, AGS Com M.H.Gombi are very much thankfull to all the comrades who have participated and are appealing for the same in the forthcoming DHARANA PROGRAMME ON 05.02.2009 and 06.02.2009.

The informal meeting with CGMT Karnataka on the AGENDA submitted published earlier in the web site is scheduleed on 10.02.2009.

Updated on 29-1-2009 at 19.30 Hrs

  29-01-2009 :- 

List of JTOs who have completed 2 years of service in a particular SSA  (Urgent)CLICK.........


CS ALONG WITH Com Padmanabhan and DS BGTD met CE(Civil) and discussed the following issues.

a) Progress of ongoing tower work i/r/o GSM and USO. CE informed that already 230 towers belong to USO have been already completed and work is in full swing. All out efforts is being made to complete the work by the end of March 31st. 

b) Implementation of Time bound promotions . CE clarified that clarification from o/o CGMT is awaited. It is further pursued that the matter making it clarified that the orders may be issued as like other circles.

c) Also discussed the request transfers and to maintain the transparency in this regard. Further strongly protested the delay caused in this matter.




CS along with treasurer,DS BGTD, Branch secry CO,BG met GM(Admn) and discussed about forwarding of CRs i/r/o Promotions from JTO to SDE under seniority cum fitness. GM assured that the CRs will be forwarded by 31st of this month.GM once again requested to pursue for remaining CRs which have been already published.

In addition the follwing CRs are not available.

i) Com Hegde V V,MS BG

ii) Ramamurthy G, MS BG 


CS along with Circle Treasurer. DS BGTD, Branch Secretary C.O, meets DGM(Staff), AGM(HRD) and AGM(Staff) yesteraday and discussed the staff related issues of Rule -8 transfers, Intra circle request transfers, forwarding of applications of Inter circle request transfers and also the ACRs collection and screening committee report to be sent to corporate officein respect of 75% seniority cum fitness DPC from JTO to SDE promotion.

The CRs of the following officers still awaited as repoted by the Circle Office.

1. Com. Manoharan.N BGTD for entire period

2. Com. Sukumar.M BGTD for entire period

3.Com. R.V.Naik BGTD for entire period

4.Com.V.G.Nagaraj Hassan SSA for entire period

5. Com.Shashidharan.O Hassan SSA 2000-2005

6.Com.Someshwararao.C.H Hassan SSA 2000-2003

7.Com. Nagesh .C Hassan SSA 2000-2001

8.Com. A.M.Usha Davangere SSA 2006-2007

9.Com Vanamala Kulkarni Gulbarga SSA 2005-06

10. Com Rajendra Rudrawadi Gulbarga SSA 2005-06


    18-01-2009 :- 

Circle office declared list of missing CRs with   names and SSAs click for the list

District secretaries and other comrades are requested to pursue and ensure that the required information is sent at the earliest.

Circle secretary along with DSBGTD submitted memorandum to the Dir (HRD) on his visit to Bangalore. Click here.....

Formation of work committes at SSAlevel:-

All District secretaries are requested to make formation of work committee as per the guidelines of CHQ at SSA LEVEL at the earliest and compliance may be sent to CS in this regard.


13-01-2009:- Urgent need of improvement in revenue collection

United forum of Executive Associations of BGTD writes to PGM BGTD . Click for the letter...........


        09-01-2009 :- 

Circle secretary writes to CGMT,Karnataka for grant of meeting. Click here for agenda............

Circle secretary writes to CGMT,Karnataka for consideration of pending request transfers. Click for the cases...............



CS met GM(Admn) for consideration of request transfers and modification of LDCE postings on genuine grounds.

E2-E3 ORDERS IN THE CADRE OF SDEs issued today......


XXVII AIC was held at Vadodhara from 16.12.2008 to 17.12.2008, 70 delegates along with 5 CWC members and CS,CP attended the conference.

Com. M.H.Gombi is elected as Assitant General Secretary with huge margin of votes.

CS and Comrades of karnataka Circle Congratulates Com. M.H.Gombi and wishes success in his new assignments.

Many delegates, CS have actively participated in the deliberations. Click for Photos




11-12-2008: Circle secretary on tour:-

As circle secretary is on tour to attend AIC at Vadodara,members are requested to contact 

Com A G Kudagi  ACS  (Non Rect Circles)  SDE QA  BG (9449831844)


Click here for reports.1)   2)   3).  4) ......................

Repatriation of Executives to DOT:-

All Executives of MTNL & BSNL are requested  to fill up the fresh option form  & submit the option to Secretary DOT New Delhi (Total 4 copies).

First Copy = addressed directly  to Secy. DoT by post.

Second Copy = addressed to Secy. DoT through Proper channel.

Third Copy = for the association.

Fourth Copy= for self. <<<<absorption form>>>




06/12/2008:- All the District secretaries  are requested to make necessary arrangements to hold dharna at  SSA HQs on 8th of December 2008.This is in response to our trade union  <<<notice>>> dated 26th November 2008.


E1-E2 Upgradation ( Case of JTOs)  orders issued ...............................


For attention of all DS : Due to Receptions Committee constraints the Delegates for the AIC should be restricted to 1 per 30 paid membership only.

30-11-2008: Posting of SDEs under comp.quota was ensured on 28-11-2008 and corrections to some cases issued on 29-11-2008.


Comrades are requested to assume the charge before 30-11-2008 to ensure their next DNI in the month of Nov.

The Circle Association closely monitored the process and ensured that  correct agreed policy is adopted in the posting orders. Majority of our comrades were accommodated at same places. The Circle organization congratulates all the officers promoted and wishes them a great success in their new assignment.

The long pending transfer cases of HUBLI SSA were considered to the possible maximum extent.Circle Assoication thanks Hubli comrades for their patient waiting.

As such the following demands of the association were not considered  despite series of meetings with GM(A) and also CGM. CS and DS BG TD met GM(A) again on 29-11-2008 and strongly protested the stand of the management and submitted the protest letter.

  1. Transfer of SDEs to the desired SSA for those SDEs who have left with less than 2 years of service.
  2. Transfers of very few compassionate cases on health grounds.
  3.  SDEs who couldn’t be transferred in March 08 due to shortage of 2 years break. But this is due to the delayed relieving of the controlling officers and however have now completed 2 years and hence to be considered for transfers.
  4. JTOs gone on long stay transfer and working as SDE(Oftg) in different SSAs  for more than 2 to 3 years and hence to be transferred back to requested SSA

GM(A) had once again discussed the above issues in detail and assured positive action and accordingly issued instructions to prepare details on the above points. DGM(A) was also present in the discussion. Circle Association will persue these cases further.


Posting of SDEs under comp.quota:-

Order is likely to be issued tomorrow, i.e, 28-11-2008

25/11/2008:-  Urgent

Comrades are requested to exercise options as called by circle office(as per the requirement of the association) 

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Circle secretary along with DS,BGTD met GM(Admn) regarding the delay in posting of SDEs under competitive quota. After detailed discussion GM assured that  posting orders will be issued on 27-11-2008,after reporting of CGMT back to duty. Members are requested to cooperate.

Cabinet approves Rao committee recommendations

Calling of options from JTOs promoted to SDEs in 25% LDCE Click here

18/11/2008 :- Mammoth rally held at Bangalore during lunch hour and demonstration at SSA level during lunch hour on 18/11/2008, Bangalore around 750 Executives of BSNL have participated in the rally from O/o CGMT, Halasuru to O/o PGM CTO, Rajabhavan Road, Bangalore .Com S.B.Nagavi CS, SNEA(I), Com M.H.Gombi Ex CS SNEA(I), Com Y.H. Andeli CS AIBSNLEA, Com S Anandkrishnaiah President, AIBSNLEA addressed the mammoth gathering at CTO Building. We have submitted Memorandum to His Excellancy Governor. Click here for media reports



17/11/2008 :- MASS RALLY AT BANGALORE  DURING LUNCH HOUR AND  DEMONSTRATION AT SSA LEVEL DURING LUNCH HOUR ON 18/11/2008  :- All District Secretaries of United Forum AIBSNLEA & SNEA(I) requested to hold Demonstration during lunch hour on 18/11/2008 at HQ of SSAs (other than Bangalore) and submit Memorandum to GMs and Concerned MPs. FOR BANGALORE ONLY :- Mass Rally will start from Circle Office , Halasuru at 1300 hrs  and submits Memorandum to Hon'ble Governor, Concerned MPs and CGM to express serious discontentment & resentment against non completion of Gr ‘A’ officers’ absorption in BSNL/MTNL. Strongly demands repatriation of BSNL/MTNL Executives to DoT.Click here for text of Memorandum, CLICK HERE FOR SLOGANS 


Meeting with CGMT:





Circle secretary had already  a preliminary meeting with GM(Admn) on 12-11-2008 in consideration of pending request transfers against the posting of newly promoted officers under LDCE. Again CS will be meeting CGMT,KTK on 17-11-2008 to expedite the process.

9-11-2008: The 4th District Conference of Hassan District is held today at Samskrith Bhavan. The Circle Secretary along with Circle President Com Mukundan, Circle Treasurer Com Suresh Kumar have attended and addressed the gathering. The open house was addressed by the GMT Hassan Sh R C Rastogi. The district secretary of AIBSNLEA and representatives of BSNLEU and NFTE-BSNL have also addressed the open session.The main focus of the discussion were the financial viability of BSNL, ITS absorption issue and service matters.

The following office bearers were unamously elected as the office bearers for the year 2008-09

District President --- Com. C Sanjaykumar SDE STR HSN

District Secretary --- Com. M K Ramdas JTO OD HSN

District Treasurer --- Com. Jithesh JTO OCB HSN

8-11-2008  Massive lunch hour demonstrations were held at CGMT BG office and at all SSA headquarters' by the United Forum on 7-11-2008. CS appeals to all the branches to make  further programme of agitation a grand success as per the schedules of United Forum.

Message sent through this agitation programme was loud and clear. “Immediate Repatriate all BSNL/MTNL Executives to DOT” Same law, same policy for all Executives, We want Justice at par with ITS officers.

06-11-2008                                at 1830 hrs

All the District secretaries are requested to ensure the Lunch/closing hour demonstrations on 07-11-2008 at SSA/CIRCLE level as per the united forum call.

The modification and re-allotment orders in respect of       Com. Kannulkar and Com.Jigajinni were issued and are posted as Adhoc STS in Karnataka circle on the continuous persuation of CHQ and Com.G L Jogi G S.The Karnataka SNEA is thankful to the CHQ leaders.

All the District secretaries are requested to give their problems before 09-11-2008 to CS by email( so as to submit the agenda to CGMT BG


04-11-2008                         at 18:30 hrs

Karwar District Conference was held at Vaibhav Hotel Kumta on 2-11-2008 and the conference was attended by the CS and Com Sathyanarayana Puranik ACS. The house was addressed by the CS and ACS.CS explained all the querries regarding the CHQ and circle issues . The open house session was also addressed by Shri S B Khare GMT Karwar.

The following office bearers were unanimously elected for the year 2008-09.

District President --- Com. G B Shanbhag SDE MM KWR

District Secretary --- Com. C S Puranik SDE Gr Murudeshwar

District Treasurer --- Com. S S Balavalli JTO TAX Kwr

Circle Secretary attended the General Body meeting of Shimoga District and addressed the gathering regarding the on going issues related to CHQ/Circle on 3-11-2008

04-11-2008                         at 18:00 hrs



The continuous persuasion of CHQ leaders and GS com. G.L.Jogiji almost all comrades got postings in Karnataka.    Only 19 JTOs posted outside circle who are Juniors in the merit. SNEA Karnataka congratulates all the promoted Officers and thanks com. JOGI and CHQ leaders for untiring efforts in getting the postings for home circle. 

01-11-2008                         at 11:00 hrs

The Circle Secretary along with Circle Treasurer Com Sureshkumar, Com Kudagi ACS, Com Hiremagadur DS BGTD and Com Joshi Convenor Joint forum BGTD and others met CMD Sri Kuldeep Goyalji in presence of CGM KTK and PGM BGTD and discussed about the Marketing ,Development and Service matters.

In the context of present ITS absorption issue, Circle Secretary requested CMD to expedite the MT RRs as agreed with UNITED FORUM and also sumitted the memorandum click here memorandum.

Com Joshi Convenor Joint forum BGTD explained the field difficulties faced by the executives in the Developmental / Maintence works and submitted memorandum on behalf of the BGTD JOINT FORUM.

CMD appriciated the development works taken by BGTD and thanked all the union leaders for their active supports.


Programmes of Organizational actions decided by the United forum of executives of BSNL/MTNL on the issue of immediate repatriation of executives from BSNL/MTNL to DOT: 

Saving gram campaign by Branches/SSAs/Circles on 1st Nov.,08, addressed to Hon’ble MOC&IT. Text of the saving gram Click here for Address


As already assured by CGMT the letter for accommodating seven adhoc DEs in Karnataka Circle has been dispatched to Corporate Office (Who are posted outside circle)

Posting of SDEs in respect of LDCE quota is expected within a two days

JTO DIRECT RECRUITMENT 2007 result announced in this 385 JTOs have been allotted to Karnatka Circle. SNEA Karnataka Circle congratulates the JTOs who passed in this exam Click Here

Circle Secretary along with Hiremagadur, DS BGTD, Sureshkumar Treasurer, M.H.Gombi, Ex CS and Govinda Gudi Ex Treasurer met CGMT and discussed the following issues:

1.Request for writing a letter to BSNL Hq for retention of 7 adhoc DEs posted out side the circle, CGM was kind enough and agreed to write the letter.

2.Request for declaring Chickmagalur as a tenure station, CGMT assured favorable action in the this regard.

3.Request for getting back of JTO/SDEs transfer on long stay after completion of 2 years tenure, as already assured by CGMT in his previous meeting. CGM assured to make special noting on this.

Circle secretary thanked CGMT for clearing the bottleneck of pension issue in respect of retired JTOs (TTA Promotees) by deleting the conditions in appointment order.

Circle Secretary has been transfered from Chickmagalur to BGTD

Most Important/Very Urgent All the District Secretaries are requested  to intimate the details regarding the Delegates who are attending the AIC at Vadodara-Gujarat in the proforma before 5th November-2008 to Com. Sureshkumar, Treasurer Telephonically(9449857799) as per the requirement in the proforma click here for proforma

Divisional conference of STR Wing Bangalore was held on 17.10.2008 at Conferenec Hall of NTB Bangalore. Circle Secretary addressed the gethering and explained in details about the various issues and answered the queries of comrades.

The house was also addressed by the out going Divisional Secretary Com. Ganesh Shetty submitted the report of the activities.

The following Office bearers for the year 2008-09 were unanimously elected.

Divisional President --- Com. K.S.Vasan, DE(D-TAX) WMS Bg.

Divisional Secretary --- Com. Umakasthuri Thilagam, SDE VFT, Bg.

Divisional Treasurer --- Com. R.R.Narayanna, JTO VF MUX Bg.


District conference of Tumkur was held on 11.10.2008 at Conferenec Hall of GMT Office Tumkur. Circle Secretary along with Com. Lokesh CWC member, Com. Venkatagiriyappa Organising Secretary and Com. Sridhar ACS attended the conferenec. Circle Secretary addressed the gethering and explained in details about the various issues and answered the queries of comrades.

The house was also addressed by Com. Lokesh CWC member,Com. Venkatagiriyappa Organising Secretary and Com. Sridhar ACS. The out going District Secretary Com M.C.Suresh submitted the report which higlighted the vibrant activities of District Branch during 2007-08.

The following Office bearers for the year 2008-09 were unanimously elected.

District President --- Com. S.R. Patil

District Secretary --- Com. B.G. Sangameshwaraiah

District Treasurer --- Com. Revanna

Circle Secretary alongwith Vice President Com. Savitha, Com. Hiremagadur D.S BGTD, Com. Madavamurthy President C. O. Branch, Com. B.D.Mahadeva Secretary C.O. Branch met CGMT on 04.10.2008 and discussed the following issues

1. Discrepency / non issue of balance statement of EPF Account of JTOs recruited by BSNL

2.Rule-38 transfer of JTOs to other circle and other issues.

CGMT was kind enough and assured to settele the issues favorably

All India eligibility list of JTOs of Karnatka Circle is published Comrades to please note any errors / ommissions and intimate to concerned. click here for Circle office letter, BSNL HQ letter and list


Posting and Promotion of the Executives (TES Gr "B")[Telecom] to Executives (STS ) Click here for order 61 leftout case of SDEs



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