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Building Fund:

The following Comrades have paid the building fund. Com V Govinda ACS, SDE BL (Rs.10,001-00), Com M Mallikarjun Reddy, SDE BL (Rs.10,008-00), Com K L Shivanna DE CKMG, (Rs.5,001-00), Com S N Lokanath JTO CKMG,(Rs.2,001-00), Com A N Gopalkrishna SDE MSD CKMG (Rs.1,001-00), Com B C Nagaraja TMK, (Rs.1,001-00) and Com C Gurunath TMK, (Rs.1,001-00). SNEA Karnataka is thankful to all these comrades.


District Conference of Gulbarga and Bidar:

The District Conference of Gulbarga and Bidar will be held on 12-2-2011 and 13-2-2011 respectively. CS Com Nagavi and AGS Com Gombi will be attending the conference.

Meeting with GM STR Bangalore:

CS Com S B Nagavi, ACS Com S Shreedhar and AS Com Aithal today met GM STR BG Shri B K Mishra and discussed the various issues of STR wing. Shri Shrinivasalu Reddy DGM was also present in the meeting. We have requested for the consideration of long pending request transfers of our comrades namely Com Arun S Divate (KWR to BG), Com Chamel Bai (DVG to BG), Com Raghavendra (MDI to Udupi), Com Kulkarni (HBL to BG) Com S D Hazare (RCR to BM/HB) and Com Nagendra (Sindhanur to HB). GM assurred to help and consider maximum cases. We have also informed GM that we will once again meet in the first of March to have further discussion in the matter. We have also discussed on the maintenance issues. GM was appriciating the work of many of our comrades on their excellant performance.

SNEA KTK acknowledges the works of our STR comrades.



CS Secretary visits Kolar:

CS Com S B Nagavi visited Kolar today and attended meeting of the Kolar Branch and discussed the problems of Kolar. Later CS along with the District Secretary Com Shridhar, President Com Ramakrishna met GM Kolar and discussed the problems of Kolar comrades especially the non settlement of TA bills of executives and man-handling of executives in Kolar SSA and pleaded for strict action on the culprits. CS also discussed about the slow progress of the Wi-Max project.

Stay on operation of Foot Note 2 below Schedule IA of BSNL MS RR: As scheduled, the case came up for hearing today. Arguments held today and will continue tomorrow also.



UF of Executives meets CGMT KTK:

CS Com S B Nagavi along with CS AIBSNLEA Com H Y Andeli today met Shri Raghavan CGMT Karnataka to discuss the resolution of the issues at Chickmaglur. Shri Chandramouli Sr GM Admn was also present during the discussion. We have very strongly protested the failure of Chickmaglur administration in resolving the HKS tender issue. We have requested for the immediate intervention of CGM in the matter. CGM was in full agreement with our view that the services especially the miantenence of BTSs etc., should not suffer due to the deadlock created now. We have made it clear that the administration is neither ready to resolve the issue by giving clear instructions to the field units to engage HKS on ACG 17 nor very serious to finalise the tender. In the interest of the company our field officers are continuing to maintain the services with the assurance to HKS that their payment issue will be resolved. CGM immediately spoke to Shri Sathyanarayana GM Chickmaglur and GM TR Circle Office in the matter and sought the detailed report. We have demanded an early action in the matter. The UF of Karnataka is in full support of the just demands of Chickmaglur comrades to save BSNL.

CS SNEA also informed CGM about the non preparedness of the management to face the challanges of MNP, non availablility of replacement SIMs in CSCs, no training to CSC staff and no ADs in any of the medea and papers and requested for urgent action.



CS writes to General Secretary on pending request transfers of SDEs from Karnataka to Maharastra Circle For letter view here ..



The long pending ACP issue of JTO Electrical resolved and Time Bound Upgradations issued in case of Electrical wing of Karnataka Circle. For orders click here..<<order1>>..<<order2>>..

SNEA is seriously pursuing the cases of JTO Civil wing also...


Agitatiolnal Programme at Chickmaglur:

The Executives of Chickmaglur are on agitational path under the banner of United Forum of Executives. Today the executives have held lunch hour demonstration in front of GM Office Chickmaglur.

The total in-action on the part of GM Chickmaglur, the hidden personnel agenda of AGM Admn and DGMs have been spoiling the smooth functioning of the SSA. In the absence of supporting staff/HKS the field executives are put to severe pressure in extending the better services to customers. The manamgement instead of finalising the tender for HKS engagement, is forcing field officers to pay wages on ACG-17 which is not permitted by rules.

CS Com S B Nagavi along with AIBSNLEA CS Com H Y Andeli met Shri Chandramouli, Sr. GM Admn ( Since CGM is out of station) and informed about the problems of our Chickmaglur executives and the impact on the smooth working of the SSA. Sr. GM Admn immediately spoke to GM Chickmaglur and sought the status report by evening. We have also pleaded to post AOs since the shortage is causing undue pendancy.

We will also meet CGM in this regard.



GS takes up low speed of 3G data card and C-TOP up issues with Director CM......

Karnataka Circle has pointed very slow speed on 3G data services and blackmailing by the vendor, M/s Huwaei – the licensing issue. When our Karnataka Circle Association took up the matter with CGMT/KTK, (for CS KTK letter click here) the matter has been referred to BSNLCO vide letter dated 27.12.2010 (for ktk GM letter click here) for urgent necessary action . Whether any action, let alone urgent, is initiated by BSNL CO is highly doubtful for obvious reasons. For more view....



Latest MNP trend Poll Results click here


CS writes to CGMT Karnataka for informal meeting and submits agenda. For agenda Click here



SNEA Bangalore Telecom District Opens web site.. << www.sneabgtd.net>>


Draft "intra SSA transfer policy" circulated by Circle Office to regulate the SSA level transfers and to adopt uniform policy in all SSAs. On certain points we have expressed our reservation and will be giving suggetions from our organisation in the first week of Feb 2011. GM Admn informed that a meeting in this regard will be held after the Group C& D verification is completed.The DSs may hold meetings immediately and send suggetions on the outcome of their meetings. For the draft proposal of the management Click here....


Hon'ble Prime Minister of India is scheduled to launch MNP for Pan India (except Haryana which is already launched on 25th November 2010) on 20th January 2011 at 1700 HRS from Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi..Comrades let us also know the loss and gain of the Telecom companies including BSNL when it was launched at Hariyana..For details view...

Let us unite, work hard, get prepared ourselves to give quality service and retain our customers and suceed in facing the challenge ....


Vigilance clearance as called for from Corp Office for the two lists of 31 and 74 adhoc DEs is being sent to Corp Office today for regularisation DPC. The list of another 15 adhoc DEs is already sent on 31-12-2010


For attention of District Secretaries of DVG/RCR/KWR/GLB/BDR/BLY/BJP/BM........... The membership form of STR comrades of these divisions be sent to CS with xerox copy to DS Hubli Com Jagadale (09449854799) for effecting subscription recovery through salary. This may please be done on priority..


SNEA BGTD strongly opposes the unilateral move of PGM BGTD to withdraw executives from Indoor and Outdoor sections to form Sales Team. The association strongly protests the move of withdrawing such a big number of 20 to50 percent of executives from field units and appeal management to re-look at the present decision of the BGTD management to withdraw 20 to 50 percent staff from field unit. For more view DS BGTD letter.....


Circle Secretary will be meeting GM STR Bangalore Next Week. Any issues/ grieviences/ request transfer cases if any may be informed to Com Shridhar SDE STR TMK, ACS STR ( 9449859447) wing on or before 17-01-2011 to enavble the circle organisation to take all the issues.


Meeting with GM Admn.....

In continuation to the discussion had yesterday with GM admn today again CS had detailed discussion on the matters of-- (1) seniority of Com N B Pawar SDE(O) Bellary SC-Category). We have presented the case with adequate evidence of corporate office orders. The stand of the circle office to depend on the eligibility list is not the correct. Com Pawar is selected for the vacancy year 2006-07 and circle office is showing the list of candidate selected for 2007-08 as the seniors to Com Pawar which cannot be accepted as a fact. Hence we have strongly protested the stand of circle office. GM Admn finally agreed to review the case once again based on the inputs given by us. (2) on forcibly obtaining of declining letters from JTOs of Hubli SSA on their officiating as SDEs quoting the reason that they will be posted to other stations contrary to the stand of the circle administration. We strongly protest different stands of SSAs without adopting the unioform proceedures in the circle. GM assurred to issue suitable instruction to all SSAs in this matter.



CS along with Com Ravishankar ACS (Civil_Elec_Arch) and Com Padmanabhachar met GM Admn Shri Chandramouli yesterday and discussed following issues. (1) Delay in approving the JTO civil Time Bound Upgradations.. Sr. GM Admn assurred to clear the file today itself. (2) Considering the request transfer of Com Chandrashekaran SDE Gulbarga and Com Katambale SDE KWR.. GM Admn assurred to look into. (3) Consideration of posting on promotion case of Com Pawar SDE(O) BL. GM maintainined that the proceedure followed by ciricle office is correct. CS informed that he would further discuss the matter with relavant records tomorrow. (4) Resolution the stalemate created by GM Chickmaglur on the issue of maintenance of exges/BTSs in the absence of non finalisation of HKS tender and keeping the issue pending for long period. GM assurred to speak to GM CKG. (5) Indifferent standard adopted by GM Hubli in the posting of SDE(O) in /hubli SSA. GM assurred to speak to GM Hubli and resolve the issue. (6) Time Bound upgradation case of Smt Shashikala JTO SMO. GM assurred that the order is being issued.

CS along with Com Sureshkumar CT also met Shri Chandrashekar GM (S&M) yesterday and discussed the the latest trend of the GSM product sales. GM told that the except in DKTD and Hubli the Pyari Jodi SIM sale is not improved. In Bangalore it is very poor.He has requested the field units to increase the SIM sale in this scheme by approaching our land line customers.

CS later attended the Branch Secretaries meeting of BGTD and interacted in the discussion on posting of executives in the SALES AND MARKETING in BGTD. AGS Com M H Gombi was also present in the meeting.




CS Com S B Nagavi, after availing LTC leave, reported back for duty today....



CS writes to Shri Shubhendhu Ghosh PGM BGTD on the maintenance of staff quarters in Bangalore. For letter click here

The time bound upgradation case of Smt Shashikala JTO SMO and the JTO to SDE(Oftg) case of Com M H Bankapur were approved by CGMT BG. We are thankful to circle administration for resolving the issues. Sr. GM Admn Shri Chandramouli has took keen interest in resolving these complex issues and giving fair decesion in the matter. CS also discussed with GM on the matter of posting of Smt C Swarnamba JTO BGTD on her promotion and review the case based on our request already submitted to the administration.



CS writes to Shri P Raghavan CGMT Bangalore protesting on the discrimination in posting of Smt Swarnamba JTO on promotion as SDE under LDCE quota.. For details <<View>> ..

Com S B Nagavi CS will be on leave from 4th Jan 2010 to 12th Jan 2010. For any emergency members are requested to kindly contact Com Sureshkumar CT (9449857799) or Com M S Hiremugadur CWC member (9449854786)..


Circle Conference at Chickmaglur

Notice for CIRCLE CONFERECE issued..Click here << For notice>> << For circular>>


25-03-10: CS today met GM Admn and discussed about the reduction of OG long standing transfers with reference to the discussion had earlier and the letter given by CS giving the details of justification for Bangalore Mysore etc.,. Now the proposed distrubances after reduction are BG 44-(BGTD.. 39+BGCO.. 5), HBL 2, MY 6, KWR 5, DVG 3, BJP 2 and BM 8.And the shortages being filled to BDR(3), CKM(10), HSN(12), KLR(10), MDK(6), MR(5), RCR(6), SMO(7) and TMK(11). We have also discussed about the cut off date for counting long stay and GM Admn clarified that there is no change in the same and it will be 31-3-2010 which is well debated and upheld in both Hon CAT BG and High Court during the last year court cases.


25-03-10: BSNL workers plan strike to protest retrenchment ..Reports the Business line..<<View>>.

Circle organisations/JF Karnataka appeals all to make the DHARNA Programme on 26th March 2010 at all SSA headquarters and at CGM Office in Bangalore, a grand success by enmass participation..

CS and CT met GM Admn on 24th March 2010 and requested for processing of DE request transfers immediately as already promised by CGMT in our agenda meeting and also issue of left out TBP.

GM Admn assured that the administration is already on the jobin r/o DEs transfers and TBP. GM admn also assured that the SDEs request/long standing transfers will be issued shortly. The views expressed by SNEA to take into consideration of addition of equipments, focuss on sales and marketing etc in major cities including Bangalore etc., are also bening duly taken into onsideration while fixing the number of excess staff. Our proposal of merging the Devolopment and Operation wing of MS is being positively taken by the management.

SNEA also thanked CGMT Shri Raghavan, GM Admn and HR Shri Chandramouly for fully considering the Rule 8 transfers JTOs next in the WL in lieu of cancellatons/postponments.


24-03-10: As per CHQ and JF call, the Circle Secretaries meeting comprising of BSNLEU, NFTE BSNL, FNTO, TEPU, ATM, SNEA(I), AIBSNLEA was held yesterday at Circle Office and decided to hold Dharna Programme on 26 the March 2010 at (1) CGM Office Halasur, Bangalore and (2) at all SSA headquarters in other parts of Karnataka. The JF of Karnataka appeals all to hold preparatory meetings, arrange press and media coverage and ensure participation of all members in Dharna in their areas/SSAs. The leaders may educate all the members and the public about the scheduled indefinate strike from 20th April and the demands of the Dharna/Strike. In case of any confusion they may be advised to contact their respective circle secretaries for clarification. For further details visit sneachq.net.

CS along with Com Sureshkumar CT and Com Hiremugadur met AGM, DGM staff and GM Admn on 22nd and 23rd March and discussed about the time bound promotions, request/long stay transfers of SDEs/DEs and left out rule 8 transfers. (1) The process of long stay transfers may take a couple of days and orders is expected at the end of this week. Based on the focus to be given on equipments added and importance of marketing etc., SNEA submitted a letter to CGM Karnataka for the additional justification in respect of Bangalore, Hubli, Belgaum and Mysore where we feel the existance of corporate subscribers/indusgtries/IT companies and hence potential to tackle high end subscribders. We have also requested for merger of mobile Devolopment and Operation at SSA level and also to make over first line mtce like battery and PP to SSAs especially the NBSNL BTSs outside district headquarters. For letter <<view>> Further members may mail their comments in this regard to nagavisb@gmail.com (2) The process of DEs transfers is likely to be taken up shortly. (3)Regarding rule 8 transfers of JTOs management has agreed to consider the transfer in lieu of cancellations in the existing list.

On 23-3-2010, the interview for selection to the post SDE lecturers was held at Circle Office.


22-03-10: For kind attention of TTAs Officiating as JTOs:The personnel upgradation of qualified and officiating JTOs is taken up in the National Council Meeting by Com Namboodri GS BSNLEU and has written letter citing article 14 of the constitution. As such the basic cadre of Officiating JTOs is Group C, BSNLEU has rightly taken up the case. This was many a times highlighted to our officiating comrades. SNEA Karnataka under the leadership of Com Mukundan along with some Officiating JTOs at Circle Office had met CS BSNLEU Karnataka Com Gundanna and had a detailed discussion on this issue last fortnight. SNEA is committed for the regularisation of these comrades as JTOs and SNEA firmly believes that the case is to be moved by the non-executive recognised union. We are thankful to BSNLEU for taking up the issue at the appropriate forum the National Council and SNEA will fully support the stand of BSNLEU. For the letter of Com Namboodri ..... <<View>>

21-03-10: Important update on J&K Case: The case listed for 15.03.10 but couldn't taken up as the lawyers were on strike.  The case adjourned and again taken up on 17.03.10. On that day also the lawyer for the applicant was not present. Our lawyer (Association impleaded in the case) and counsel for BSNL pleaded for immediate vacation of the stay and stated that the lawyer for the applicant is deliberately not attending the court in order to delay the same. Same strategy is adopting by the lawyer for the last few months. Hon. Court considered our argument and posted the case for the next day. The case came up on 18.03.10, 19.03.10 and 20.03.10. But today also the senior lawyer for the applicant not present in the court. Our lawyer as well as the counsel for BSNL strongly pleaded for the vacation of the stay as BSNL already given an undertaking in the Hon. Court to abide by the quota on promotion. Hon Judge also convinced on our argument and asked the lawyer present in the court whether they have anything to add on this. The Junior lawyers pleaded for some more time as the senior lawyer is pleading before some other bench. Till the adjournment of the Court, the senior lawyer could not appear before the bench.


20-03-10: BSNL seeks govt nod to hive off towers, infra ops (land) into separate units, Reports the Economic Times...<<View>>

19-03-10: Circle Office releases the modalities of the SDEs transfer policy for request/long standing cases as demanded by us. The tantative vacancy details are already published by us. For circle office letter <<View>>

CS today attended the meeting of the BG TD Branch secretaries and appraised the CHQ and circle issues including the long stay/request transfers.

Building Fund

The following members have paid the building fund.These donations are in addition to their compulsory amount of Rs.500-00

1. Com K N Thyagaraja ...(CKG )Rs.5001-00

2. Com A Y Ugaragol.......(Belgaum)Rs.1001-00

3. Com I A Attikatti...........(SMO) Rs. 2601-00

4. Com R C Patil..............( BGTD)Rs.11,111-00

5. Com P A Virupakshaiah.( BGTD) Rs. 5001-00

6. Com Harish P L (Civil Wing) ..Rs.1001-00

7. Com Anushree Joshi...( BGTD)Rs. 1001-00

8. Com Rama ..................( BGTD)Rs. 2001-00

9. Com Sangameshwaraiah B G (TMK) Rs.2001-00

10. Com Ganeshan (BG TD) ..Rs.5001-00

The following comrades have announced donations today in BGTD meeting

1. Com Balakrishna Aithal ( BGTD)Rs.2001-00

2. Com Uday Raj....( BGTD)Rs.2501-00

3. Com Jagannatha Rao..( BGTD)Rs. 1001-00

4. Com Narayanaswamy ..( BGTD)Rs.1001-00

5. Com Geeta ........( BGTD)Rs.1001-00

6. Com Padmnabhachar ..(Elec)Rs.1001-00

Circle Organisation is thankful to all these comrades.


19-03-10: CS met and discussed once again with DGM Staff with regard to outgoing long stay trasfers. It was finally proposed to effect 75 long stay transfers as below...

(1) Bangalore(BGTD,MS,Circle Office combined list).........55 (2) Belgaum..7 (3) Bijapur..1 (4) Davangere..2 (5) Hubli ..2 (6) Karwar..3 (7) Mysore..5

BSNL differs with Sam Pitroda panel suggestions on VRS : DNA reports..<view>


After detailed study of the transfer proposls CS along with Com Suresh Kumar Circle Treasurer, Com R B Joshi DS BG TD, Com Virupakshaiah VP BGTD met GM Admn Shri Chandramouly and demanded to ristrict the OG transfers to the extent of shortages. The vacancies shown to option places are 75 { BDR(3), CKG(10), HSN(15), Kolar(11), MCA(6), MR(5), RCR(6), SMO(8) and TMK(11).}. The Options called is 96 {65 SDEs from BG, 10 from BM, 3 from BJP, 3 from DVG, 5 from KWR, and 10 from Mysore}.

We have demanded that the long stay transfer be ristricted to 75 instead of 96 reducing it by 21. Hence in case of Bangalore it may reduce to 55+ and corresponding reduction in other SSA also.

We have also demanded for the remaining rule 8 transfers and the request transfers of DEs.

Shri Prakash Rao DGM Staff was also present during the discussion

CS spoke to GM Madikeri and CGMT Karnataka Shri Raghavan for the redressal of humiliation faced by SNEA executives in Madikeri. We have requested CGM Karnataka to intervene in the matter and ensure justice.

BSNL customer service centres are ill-equipped The Hindu report dtd 15-3-2010 on the District conference of Belgaum <<view>>.

It is SNEA Karnataka continuously fought for the rule 8 transfers of 31 JTOs in the condition of only about 1300 JTOs working as against the sanctioned Strength of 3800. It is SNEA Karnataka which could ensure all the request transfer of JTOs during the posting of new JTOs.SNEA is the Home of JTOs says Rathish Kumar young CS of SNEA Bihar.For more <<view>>

Flash...JTO to SDE Limited Compititive Exam (LDCE) notified..Examination on 4th July.. Two papers... On line registration from 5th April



17-03-10: Belgaum District Conference: The Belgaum District Conference was held on 14th March 2010 at Kannada Sahitya Bhavan Belgaum. DS Com R B Tatapathi presented the DS report and Com D D Shanwad presented the accounts . The huge gathering of more than 90 members was addressed by Com S B Nagavi, CS SNEA KTK, Com Sureshkumar Circle Treasurer, Com M G Quraishi ACS and AGS Com M H Gombi. Com Pandurang Naik presided over the function.

CS has explained the activities of the circle and the role played by SNEA in redressing the greviences of our members and transperency in case of the request/long stay transfers especially the revision of the cut off date for incoming transfers. CS has appealed for liberal donation for the building fund. Com N L Bhosle has paid Rs.15,000-00 towards the building fund during the conference. CS thanked him for the contribution. Com Sureshkumar in his address focussed on the positive aspects of BSNL. Com Quraishi referred to the history of SNEA and the role it will play infuture also. Com Jagadale DS HBL and Com D P Kulkarni DS BJP also addressed the subject committee.

AGS Com M H Gombi highlighted about the CHQ matters and applealed for the support in the ongoing protest of ITS absorption, VRS, disinvestment issues.

Shri K V V Satynarayana GM Belgaum addressed the open session and appealed for achieving the targets. GM opined that the GSM wing be merged with the SSA for better synchronised working and to give efficient service. DGM's Shri B V Balasubramanya, Shri S V Ratnakar, and Shri G K Balur were also present and addressed the gathering. Leaders of AIBSNLEA and BSNLEU were also present and addressed the gathering.

Com M M Jigajinni, Com M H Talikoti and , Com P V Mutalik were unanimously elected as President, District Secretary and District Treasurer respectively for the year 2010-11. For full list <<view>>

Special General Body of Dharwad SSA :

The spl GB held at GM Office conference hall on 13-3-2010, was addressed by CS and AGS. Com Jagadale, DS presented the brief report of his period. Com S B Nagavi CS appraised on the circle issues and appriciated the comrades of Hubli under the leadership of Com Jagadale for the activities of the district. CS also thanked the comrades of Hubli for donation amounts paid towards the building fund. Com Anthoniswamy Ex DS paid a donation of Rs.5001-00 towars building fund. CS thanked him for the contribution. AGS Com M H Gombi expained the CHQ matters and appealed for the full support in the future struggles of the JF.


12-03-10: Circle Secretaries of SNEA, AIBSNLEA, BSNLEU, NFTEBSNL,FNTO,TEPU of Karnataka met today under the banner of JF Karnataka Circle and decided to conduct the Lunch Hour Demonstration at all SSA headquarters and in Bangalore at three plaqces namely (1) Circle Office (2) CTO Complex( Telephone House (3) WMS compound on 15th March 2010.. All the DSs/COB are requested to make the demonstration successful..

CS, Circle President Com Mukundan and Com Hiremugadur met GM Admn Shir Chandramouly and discussed about the on going transfer process.

All the request transfers published in the list recently will be considered.

Management decided to make long stay transfer of 65 SDEs from BG, 10 from BM, 3 from BJP, 3 from DVG, 5 from KWR, 10 from Mysore and Bellary yet to be decided. The places of options are BDR(3), CKG(8),HSN(15),Kolar(11),MCA(6),MR(5),RCR(5),SMO(8) and TMK(11).

CS Com Nagavi and AGS Com Gombi will be addressing special GB at Hubli on 13-3-2010 and attend District Conference of Belgaum on 14-3-2010


12-03-10: BSNL staff union plans nationwide agitation ..reports Times of India <<View>>


Joint Forum of Non-Executives, executives decided :

Lunch Hour demonstration on 15.03.2010 at CHQ/Cirle/ SSA Level

Joint Forum of Non Executive and Executive Unions / Associations met at New Delhi and the discussed the Sam Pitroda Committee report and its recommendations. Joint Forum come to the conclusion that the total failure and mismanagement of the affairs of BSNL by its top Managers at different level lead to the the intervention of Hon. Prime Minister and formation of the committee. All the Unions / Associations of Joint participated in the meeting.


Joint Forum unanimously resolved to:

a) immediate repatriation of all ITS officers who are not opted for BSNL,
b) immediate procurement of GSM equipments and
c) IDA pension revision. and
protest against
a) 30% disinvestment,
b) retrenchment through VRS,
c) unbundling of last mile copper and
d) outsourcing through service model

All DSs/COB are requested to co-ordinate with the other unions/associations and make the Lunch Hour demonstration successful and educate the members for further course of action.

11-03-10: Report by The Hindu : BSNL unions plan stir against Pitroda report <<View>>

11-03-10: CS along with Com Hiremugadur met GM Admn and discussed discrepancies in the request list published and ensured that the comrades of Hubli SSA will also be transferred under option clause if they have completed 10 years of service in Hubli as was done last year.

This time long stay transafers are likely to ordered in r/o BG, BM, BJP, DVG, KWR, MY and BLL SSAs based on the % of working strength and incoming trasnfers as per the proceedure followed last year.


11-03-10: Congratulations..!!!!....SDE to DE Officiating order issued for 23 SDEs in Karnataka Circle.. For orders.. <<View>>

09-03-10: Final list of Request transfers of SDEs published today at 1800 hours as stated earlier in this website For details. <<View>>

09-03-10: BSNL's non-cellular business incurs Rs 4,963-cr loss. Reply by Hon Minister in Parliment. A report by The Economic Times.. <<View>>

08-03-10: BSNL 3G now in Mangalore , Surathkal , Udupi << View Photo>>

08-03-10: The final list of request transfers of SDEs is likely to be published tommorrow..

08-03-10:BSNL Board decides to offer 5% equity to public Another 5% for private investors- news in Telegraph <<View>>


06-03-10: CS along with Com Hiremugdur met GM Admn and HR Circle Office Bangalore and Discussed the following issues::

(1) SDE to DE Officiating for resultant vacancies: GM instructed the Sfaff section to process the eligible cases immediately.

(2) Rule 8 transfers in liew of cancellations/postponments: GM agreed to process the cases to reach total of 31 cases.

(3) Time bound Promotions: DPC in respect of MS and PA/PS is over , BGTD is in progress and orders are likely to be issued next week.

(4) Considering request transfer of SDEs/DEs: In respect of SDEs final list of request transfers will be published on Monday. Then post details of SSAs where long standing SDEs to be transferred will be published to get the long standing list of SDEs/options from SSAs. We have also requested to consider the request transfers of DEs immediately. Now the cut off date is taken as 31-5-2008 but not 30-4-2008 as persued by SNEA. In case of Mobile Service we have proposed to restrict postings to SDCA headquarters only to very big districts and also along with proper infra like metres/vehicles etc., otherwise the purpose will be defeated.

Com N L Bhosle SDE our Ex-President is relieved from Gulbarga and reported to Belgaum. We are thankful to the circle administration for considering the case on health grounds.

06-03-10: CS along with Com Javali, Com Padmnabhachar and Com Harish BS Civil and Electrical met Chief Engineer Shri Dayanand Chaudary and discussed about consideration of Request tranafers and submitted the letter. For details <<View>> . The discussion was cordeal and CE assured positive action in the matter .


06-03-10: After dilly dallying for over 20 months, state-owned telecom firm BSNL on Friday decided to scrap its controversial Rs 35,000-crore 93M GSM tender to procure equipment for expansion of its mobile services. TOI report ...



CS will be meeting CM Admn to discuss the transfer cases, time bound promotions and DE Oftg issue today..

The proposed Raichur conference on 7th March 2010 is postponned to 21st March due to some un-avoidable circumstances.

The district conference of Belgaum SSA will be held on 14th March 2010. CS and AGS will attend the conference.

CS and AGS will address the special GB of Dharwad SSA at Hubli on 13th March 2010

AGS Com M H Gombi along with veteran leader Com W Sheshagiri Rao will be leaving for Delhi tommorrow to attend the CHQ office bearers meeting on 8th and 9th March 2010


04-03-10: 15 point Pitrida Committee Report: News in Business line.....



Times of India Report: Govt may divest 30% in BSNL, up from 10%, 1Lack VRS.....


02-03-10: CS and CT met GM Admn and discussed... (1) Consideration of request transferss of SDEs and DEs and cut off date in respect of long standing cases. As already presented by us on 19-2-10 regarding the belated relieving by the administrration and it was found that many SSAs have relieved the executives in May 08. Hence it it was finally agreed by GM Admn that the cut off date will be treated as 31-5-2008 instead of 30-4-2008. (2) Rule 8 transfer in liew of cancellations. GM assured that tomarrow it will be finalised. (3) DGM Officiating orders: File is cleared by CGM and orders will be issued tomorrow (4) Clarifiaction sought by GM Mysore for registration of request transfer in case of JTOs promoted as SDEs pending consideration of request transfers. CS pleaded that it is already a settled issue and accordingly Hubli requests have been regularised and published in the circle intranet. We have pleaded that uniform policy be maintained at SSA level also and clarifiaction be issued acccordingly such that the date of request registration will be the date of joining as SDE on promotion. GM agreed and assured that it will be clarified accordingly.


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