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CTO Branch meeting of BGTD:

The CTO Branch meeting of BGTD was held today. CS Com S B Nagavi, AS Com Balakrishna Aithal, CVP Com Shankarappa, DS BGTD Com M S Hiremugadur, DP Com Ranganayakulu, DT Com Ganeshan have attended the meeting. CS and DS BGTD addressed the house and clarified the querries of the members.

Com Champa Patil Kulkarni SDE , Com Chandrika JTO CM and Com Krishnamurthy SDE CTO have been elected as the President, Branch Secretary and the Branch Treasurer respectively.

CS will meet Dir CM BSNL at Bangalore tomorrow.

The circle organisation will be meeting the Director CM Corporate offfce tomorrow at Bangalore. Any issue related to GSM/CDMA need to be appraised to CS /AS Com Balakrishna Aithal ( 9449850489)/OS Com K N Muralidhar (9448010099) today itself to bring the issue to the notice of Director CM.



CS Com S B Nagavi, AS Com Balakrishna Aithal and DS BGTD Com M S Hiremugadur today met Sr GM Admn & HR Shri Chandramouli and discussed the following issues.

(1) JTO to SDE Officiating: GM Admn informed that the DPC is over liest is approved and orders will be issued shortly.

(2) SDE to DE Officiating: Pending CRs in some cases have been received now and the process for DPC will be undertaken shortly.

(3) Relieving of SDEs on request transfer: Case of Com Nagaraj Bangaru from Bidar MS to AP, Com Rajesh Naik from Bidar to BGTD, Com Sharath Kumar from Gulbarga to Mysore. GM infromed that he would talk to the concderned GMs and will arrange for their relieving.

(4) Considering request transfer of Com Maheshkumar Ragipur JTO from Tumkur to Bidar. GM informed that it will be considered immediately as Bidar requires substitutes.

(5) Pending cases of E1-E2, E2-E3 timebound upgradations: We have submited the list and GM assurred to look into the case and orders issued shortly. ( We suggest other SSAs to give the list of such cases with names of officers to take up the cases )

(6) Considering the request transfers of Com K Shridhar from Kolar to BGTD and Com Adiraju from Madikeri to Bangalore: SNEA pleaded that these officers' relieving was delayed due to deparetmental reasons and there was no fault on the part of the individuals. Due Vidhan Soudha area cable work due to road widening relieving of Com Shridhar was delayed which was mentioned in his relieving letter. In fact he had met GM Admn at that time to pressurise his relieving. And the then GM NWO-CM agreed that due to administrative reason there was delay in relieving Com Adiraju to Madikeri. Both the SDEs have completed 2 years of service.

(7) Request transfer of Com R B Tatapathi havein less tha 2 years service: GM informed that as soon as he completes one year service, the transfer will be ordered.

Welfare Claims settled:

The long pending welfare cases of the following comrades have been settled ..(1) Late Com G R Kulkarni (2) Late Com M Lokanath (3) Late Com T S Krishnan (4) Late Com S S Vishweshwar and (5)Late Com B Nagaraja. The DD of Rs.40,000/ - each is made over to DS BGTD.



Finally circle office directly relieved the SDEs in r/o pending transfers. The UF has been pursuing the relief to avoid discrimination as many SDEs have been relieved except some. This discrimination was opposed by the UF of executives...



CS Com S B Nagavi and AGS Com M H Gombi attended the branch secretaries' meeting of Bangalore Telecom District (BGTD) at NTB on 12-7-2011 and addressed. For details of discussion visit http://sneabgtd.net/



CMD BSNL Shri R K Upadhyaya Speaks to CNBC TV18 on VRS, turn around of BSNL, Managed services model, e-tendering etc.. For full inverview ( For video of the interview click on the picture ) First click here

For full text of interview click here


As Circle Secretary will be on leave for one month Com Balakrishna Aithal AS will be in chage of the Circle Secretary post. For any emergency please contact his Mobile Number 9449850489. <<Letter>>


Circle Secretary along with Com Balakrishna Aithal AS, Com M S Hiremugadur DS BGTD met Sr GM Admn Shri Chandramouli and discussed..(1) Issue of E3-E4 TBU of left out old cases.. GM assurred to issue instructions to prepare for the DPC (2) Issue of SDE to DE Offtg..GM informed that the DPC will be held shortly as the CRs have been received..




Karnataka Circle has contributed 11 lack rupees towards CHQ building fund ( 4.5 lakh BGTD, 5.0 lakh rest of Karnataka, 1.5 lakh loan repayment) and the DD/Cheques were made over to GS Com G L Jogi at BGTD conference and CEC held at Bangalaore..

BG TD District Conference:

Com Ranganayakulu, Com M S Hiremugadur and Com Com Ganeshan have been unanimously elected as the District President, District Secretary and District Treasurer resply .. Circle organisation congratulates the new team..



Spl CL to attend CEC at Bangalore is sanctioned by CGMT Karnataka Circle. For letter Click here.... <<notice signed copy>> ..

The CEC earlier scheduled to be held on 2-6-2011, postponned subsequently; is being held on Saturday the 2nd July 2011 at SNEA BHAVAN Saharar Nagar Bangalore. The CEC will be for only one day. Com G L Jogi, our beloved General Secretary CHQ will be addressing the CEC. All the District Secretaries, Circle Office bearers and the CEC/CWC members are requested to attend the meeting positively.

Note:For stay arrangement on the previous day if required will be arranged in SNEA Bhavan for those who register their names with the Circle Treasurer Com Sureshkumar ( Mob 9449857799).



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