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CS Com S B Nagavi, ACS Com M S Hiremugadur, AS Com Balakrishna Aithal and CT Com Sureshkumar have met Sr GM Admn and HR Shri Chandramouli and held discussions on reducing the long stay based transfers to minimum ande also ensure all the pending request transfers are considered including those who have gone on long stay. We have also requested for immediate action to write letter to BSNL CO on the issue of retention of 41 JTOs under promotion order. GM told that already draft has been put up to CGM.


For Karnataka Circle SDE promoted list with HQRs details

Posted to KTK .................Ful list in XL format

CS along with Com Sureshkumar CT met CGMT Shri P Raghavan and given the analyses list of SDE postings in all India and requested him to write to BBSNL CO to retain the remaining 41 SDEs also in KTK. CGM immediately direced Sr GM HR to write to corporate Office. Later We have also met GM Admn and appraised him about the discussion had with CGMT. Circle Office is likely to write to BSNL CO shortly.



Injustice to Karnataka in SDEs postings:

In Karnataka SDE sanction strength is 1716 and working strength is 1433 and having shortage of 349 posts. Out of 108 SDEs promoted only 67 retained in KTK and 41 disturbed. CS spoke to GS Com G L Jogi on this injustice and GS assurred to look into. For the analyses of all circles click here.

The DSs have been advised to mail the details of the missing cases to take up withy CHQ.



At last after sustained efforts of CHQ under the leadership of Com G L Jogi our beloved GS, the promotion orders from JTO to SDE issued by coprorate office despite many unwarranted hurdles created from some corners. It is another great achievement and mile stone of this mighty organisation. We from Karnataka whole heartedly acknowledge the efforts of CHQ, particularly the pains taking efforts of our both AGSs Com A A Khan and K Sebastin in co-ordinating with circles and corporate office. Thank you Comrade Jogi and your team..... For all india list click here... For KTK Circle list click here..

From Karnataka 67 JTOs have been alloted KTK whicle Assam 2, ITPC 6, NEII-1, NTEF 6, STP 10, STR 10, UTL 1 and WTP 5 are the allotments.



The Hindu Reports:

BSNL employees to fight against VRS move:

Expressing reservation over these recommendations, Circle Secretary Sanchar Nigam Employees' Association, S.B. Nagavi, noted that though reducing of the retirement age would not make much impact on workers, it was the VRS that would be detrimental to their interests.

“The DoT told the BSNL to constitute an internal committee of officers to look into specific issues of VRS. So far, the committee has not submitted its report. If the recommendations are implemented, it is the creamy layer that will opt for VRS and brain drain will seriously affect the prospects of the company”, he said. For more view....



Building Fund....

The following members have paid the building fund.

Com V Y Hotkar DE HBL (Rs.10,100-00), Com M H Bankapur SDE CKG (Rs. 5,555-00), Com M H Gombi AGS, SDE BGTD (Rs.5,001-00), Com D Krishna Shetty JTO BGTD (Rs. 5,000-00), Com M B Karjol SDE MSD BM (Rs. 2011-00), Com R Purushothamkumar SDE BGTD (Rs. 2,001-00), Com Rajashekar SDE AT SMO (Rs.1,001-00) , Com P S Bhat JTO KWR (Rs.1,001-00), Com Chandrashekar SDE GLB (Rs.1,001-00), Com M S Malkhed JTO GLB (Rs.1,001-00), Com R M Dhadve SDE GLB (Rs.1,001-00), Com Sunil Ganaphathi SDE GLB (Rs.1,001-00), Com Rajapurkar SDE GLB (Rs.1,001-00) Com K Shrinivasan AGM CO BG (Rs.1,001-00)
Circle Organisation is thankful to these comrades.

Transfer news...

Due to Hon State MOC visit to Bangalore on 28th and 29th, the transfer orders are likely to be finalised tomorrow.....


CS writes to Sr GM Admn and HR Shri Chandramouli to review the declared excess figures of SDE strength of BGTD listed for long stay transfers. For letter Click here..


BRPSE recommends VRS and 58 year retirement age and other recommendations to improve BSNL financial position. For letter Clicke here....


For revised and combined long stay list of Bangalore CLICK HERE..


Transfer Guidlines:

The UF comprising of CS Com S B Nagavi, ACS Com Balakrishan Aithal, CT Com Sureshkumar and the CS of AIBSNLEA Com H Y Andeli, Com Idli FS met CGMT Shri Raghavan yesterday at 1500 hours and discussed about withdrawing clause 12 ( administration reserves the right of transfer based on performance ). Shri Chandramouli Sr. GM Admn was also present. Accordingly the same is withdrawn today. For CO letter click here...


Another way of Pick and Choose Transfers

The United Forum of Executives ( SNEA and AIBSNLEA) oppose the clause 12 of circle office TRANSFER GUIDLINES( Click here for letter) which deviates the agreed transfer policy of Karnataka Circle i.e., administration reserves the right of transfer based on performance. Both the Circle Secretaries Com S B Nagavi CS SNEA an d Com H Y Andeli CS AIBSNLEA met CGMT Karnataka Shri P Raghavan today and submitted the protest letter. CGM being pre-accupied for the web meeting with GMs of SSA assurred to discuss the matter later. Com Hiremagugadur ACS SNEA and Com Idli FS AIBSNEA also accompanied. For UF letter addressed to CGMT Karnataka ..CLICK HERE. <<<PDF COPY>>



BBNW Branch Meeting at Bangalore:

The data network branch meeting was held today at Bangalore BBNW. Circle Secretary Com S B Nagavi, Circle Treasurer Com Sureshkumar, ACS Com M S Hiremugadur, AS Com Balakrishna Aithal have attended the meeting. Com R P Sharma Branch Secretary welcomed the gathering and expressed happiness about the working of the CHQ and circle and also reported about the functioning of the branch for the last one year.Comrade CS has appraised that priority of SNEA is to very seriously persue the pay anamaly case of 2007/2008 batch JTOs as per the resolution passed in the Bhopal CWC meeting. CS also appraised the members that other priorities of the Association are to eliminate corruption in BSNL, resolve the issue of ITS absorption and good leadership (CMD) to the company. He has clarified the doubts of the new JTOs on various issues including the viability of BSNL. He has invited the new JTOs to join the main stream of executives so to help achieve the goals of JTOs and the company BSNL under the brave and committed leadership of Com G L Jogi, General Secretary SNEA . CS expressed his gratitude to Com R P Sharma for his efforts in opening the branch at Data Network Centre and wished him best of luck as he is being relieved on transfer to MP circle next week. Com M S Hiremugadur also addressed and wished the branch very success.

Com N U Hegde, Com Ashok Kumar and Com B S Padasalagi have been elected as the President, Branch Secretary and Treasurer respectively. Some new 2007/2008 batch JTOs have joined SNEA today and committed to support and work for SNEA. We most heartily welcome these young comrades to our organisation.

CS had earlier visited BBNW and addressed the gathering of than 40 new JTOs on 16th March 2011 and clarified all their doubts about their career growth and about the comapany. CS assurred the commitment of SNEA for the issues related to 2007/2008 batch JTOs. For full list of office bearers click here.



For Bangalore Combined long stay list (BGTD,CO,MS(D/O),AT BG).. Click here...

Long Stay Transfer Modalities:

Karnataka Circle has announced the modalities of the long stay transfers and called for for option .....For Circle Office letter click here


CDR Working in Karnataka Circle

CGMT Karnataka Shri P Raghavan, informed CS SNEA that the performance of CDR is improved after a dedicated server allotted to handle the transactions of our circle. We therefore request the executives working in CDR and the District Secretaries to give me feed back today by sms or mail. It may be noted that SNEA was prepared to go on organisational action on the issue of un-satisfactory working of CDR. For the letter given to CGMT Karnataka on these issues click here...


For the Officiating Order Circle Office issued on 23-12-2010 in the cadre of JTOs to SDE Oftg, BGTD at last reciprocated and endorsed it on15-3-2011 after a lapse of two and half months...For the agneda given by DS BGTD on 11-10-2010 regarding the discussion of BSNL GSM service matters, BGTD administration finally held meeting on 15-3-2011 after a lapse of five months, the matter which was reflected in the CS report of Chickmaglur Circle conference. For details on these matters visit updates dated 15th and 16th March 2011 in our BGTD web site sneabgtd.net


CS Com S B Nagavi along with other comrades met CGMT Karnataka Shri P Raghavan and introduced new Circle President Com B S Venkatesh Murthy along with other circle office bearers on 14-03-2011. Shri R Chandramouli Sr GM Admn and HR was also presnet. Com K N Muralidhara, Org. Secretary, Com R Shankarappa Vice President, Com Brijankumar Biswal Vice President Com C R Sureshkumar CT, Com M S Hiremugadur ACS, Com V Govinda ACS, Com Deepak ACS, Com Balakrishna Aithal AS and Com M Satishkumar CWC member have also attended the meeting. CGMT wished the best to new team and sought the inputs for better working of the company. Our young Office Bearers gave lot of innovative suggetions and appraised on the unsastisfactory working of the CDR system. CGM said that he is already in touch with Corporate Office and IT wing of Pune and Hydrabad and hopeful of improvement as new servers are being exclusively made available for KTK CIRCLE. CGM also called the GM Sales and Marketing Shri N Chandrashekara and GM NWO-CM Shri Tiwari before taking up the discussion on GSM and sales & marketing. Both GMs took inputs on the IN Bangalore deficiences and the marketing issues of GSM products.

Then the team seperately met Sr GM Admn and HR and discussed the shortage of JTO/SDEs in different SSAs and demanded for posting adequate executives to releasae the overloading of the executives.




CS along with Com Shridhar DS Kolar met GM Admin and discussed on the missing names of some of the SDEs in the proposed transfers and presented the views of SNEA. GM Admn agreed to extend the cut off date to 31-5-2011 in case of request transfer and to look into the other cases as discussed in our letter. For detailed presentation of CS letter Click here....


CDR failure in Karnataka!!!....

CS yesterday met CGMT Karnataka Shri P Raghvan along with CT and discussed about the non functioning of CDR in Karnataka. CGM informed us that it is improved today. But many SSAs on enquiry informed me that the situation is same. Sr.GM Admn and HR Shri Chandramouli was also present.

CS writes to to CGMT in this regard and also requesting CHQ to take up the matter at Corporate Office also. We appeal to all comrades to get prepared for the organisational action if we situation warrants.

All DSs are requested to update me today on the performance of CDR..

For CS letter addressed to CGMT click here..

Today interview is scheduled for the selection of SDE lectureres for RTTC Mysore....



SDEs request transfer list, request received from SDEs who were transferrred on long stay basis reported for transferred stations before 31st of May 2009 have been published by Circle Office. The list do not contain the names of RTTC Mysore whose relieving is delayd by administrative reasons in case of Com M A Suresh, Com S M Ramesh and the case of less than 2 year service like Com Chandrashekar and Com R B Tatapathi are not included in the list. SNEA will persue these cases tomorrow.. For the list Click here..

Long standing SDEs list in Mobile Service is called for.. For letter Click here....



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