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The comrades of Maharastra under the leadership of Com Adasul Circle Secretary, Com Manani, AGS ( Now Vice President CHQ) , Com Bhad CP and a very strong team of young executives have shown us the way how a big event of like the All India Conference could be conducted; in a small place like Nanded.


We know they have faced many challenges like members attending in excess of the estimated delegates, non availability of rooms in time  to accommodate the excess observers, sudden and frequent failure of the power supply and some un-expected responses.


But, with patience, smiling approach the team could resolve each and every issue and tried their level best in making the event a grand success. This is a work done without prior experience.


You have shown us the results of team work, you have shown us the strength of unity, you have tought us how to manage the crisis.



We from Karnataka would like to place on record the wonderful work done by comrades of Maharastra as great achievement. You deserve all the appreciation for this wonderful task.


Memories of Nanded will remain for long time for us.



We are thankful to comrades of Maharastra for their great hospitality.


Thank you SNEA Maharastra and tha nk u Nanded.



Long live SNEA

CS SNEA Karnataka,

On behalf of SNEA Karnataka


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