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Financial irregularities in Hassan SSA under DGM/AGMs of Hassan SSA for the last 2 years revealed under RTI. For RTI questions Click here. For DGM&CPIO answers Click here..


Day long Fast:

JAC Karnataka in its meeting held today at 1500 hours today decided to observe day long fast on 27-09-2011 at all SSA headquarters in front of GM office and in Bangalore at Circle office. Comrades of BGTD will hold the programme at PGM Office (Telephone House). All the comrades of SNEA must participate enmass by applying one day CL/EL to make the programme a grand sucess...


Are we digging trenches by incurring crores of rupees for our compitators to lay their pipes as charity/ for free of cost ?

There are some instances. CS SNEA writes to CGM/GM STP to assertain the details. (View letter) DS/COB/members are requested to inform us if any such cases are available in your area. We have to plug these leakages otherwise these people will lay HDPE in the name of missing link but not energise them because these trenching is rather urgent for our compitators but not for us. Some more photos will be published later.




For letter click here..


CS S B Nagavi addressed the seminar of fntobea at Bangalore on BSNL services. For the vedio speech click here

News of JAC....

JAC decides to observe one day mass fast on

 27-09-2011 and one day strike on 10-10-2011

The JAC which met at New Delhi today 21-09-2011, took the historic decision to oppose the VRS, lock stock and barrel. The meeting which was presided over by com. G.L.Jogi,GS,SNEA, unanimously decided to observe one day mass fast at All India level, circle level and SSA level on 27-09-2011 and to go on one day strike on 10-10-2011, opposing VRS, demanding PLI, etc

The unions which participated in today’s meeting are BSNLEU, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, BSNL MS, TEPU, SEWA BSNL, BTU and NFTBE.


Mass fast at All India ,circle and SSA levels on 27-09-2011.

One day strike on 10-10-2011.


1)   No VRS.

2)   Payment of PLI.

3)   Restoration of medical allowance, LTC and Leave encashment.

4)   Policy related issues

5)   Conclusion of the process of absorption of ITS.

6)   Merger of 78.2% IDA.

Policy related issues include:-

a)    Compensation for BSNL’s rural operations.

b)    Pension contribution on actual basic pay.

c)    Refund of RS.8313 crore to BSNL which was paid towards BWA spectrum charges.

d)    Reimbursement of License Fee.

e)    Allowing BSNL to surrender 3G spectrum of unviable circles.( Private companies are given the freedom to select circles of their choice.)

f)     Refund of Rs.7500 crore with interest, collected from BSNL towards “Notional Loan.”

g)    Procurement of equipments.

h)    Discontinue TACs.

It is decided to approach NFTE and FNTO also for united action.


Organise the programme very effectively, inorder to give a fitting reply to the retrograde steps being taken by the government and the BSNL management, to destabilize BSNL.



CS writes to CGMT Karnataka Shri P Raghavan on illegal holding of patients in BSNL empenalled Hospitals for non payment of pending bills. It is to be noted here that when such instances are there advance cheques will be given to the hospital authorities if the patient is a top officer. But an indifferent attitude of the management if he is BSNL absorbed employee....For letter Click here...

Comrades of Kolar on Lunch Hour Demonstration from 19-09-2011.

CS Com S B Nagavi along with AS Com Balakrishna Aithal and DS BGTD Com Hiremugadur met Sr GM Admin Shri R Chandramouli and discussed the following issues on 19-09-2011 (1) Missing names in JTO to SDE Offtg. Case of Com S N Lokanath JTO MS CKG and Com Dorestenal JTO BGTD (2) Non action on the relieving of the JTOs on promotion by PGM BGTD to Circle Office.(3) Relieving of SDEs on transfer case of Com Sharath Kumar from GLB to My, Com Adiraju from Madikeri to BG, Com Ramulu from Bidar to AP and Com Shashi Ranjan JTO from Kolar to BG (4) Request transfer case of Com Jagadish Bhat DE Shimoga to MR and R R Tikandar DE BL to Hubli (5) SDE to DE Officiating case of Com B Nagendra SDE BL.

GM assurred to look into all the cases.



VRS proposals in BSNL...View <<Compressed file>>


Old pending cases of TBU E2-E3,E3-E4 and E4-E5 issued. For orders click here....<<E2-E3>>, <<E3-E4>> and <<E4-E5>>

Complaints on JTO to SDE Offtg..

Circle Organisation is receiving many complaints of junior getting Officiating by omiting seniors. We therefore clarify that if any junior has got officiating than senior in the same SSA they may immediately represent to CGMT KTK with copy to CS;so that we will take up the case with CGM. For your reference the CGL is publised here. For Circle Gradation list Click here.

Who is at fault, we the employees or the management ? We are proud that BSNL broadband has tremendous demand. It is shame on our part that we are not able to provide the Type II modems. For more read...

Shimoga News: Today GM Shimoga Shri Radhakrishna was kind to hold meeting with our comrades of SNEA Shimoga. The discussions were co-ordeal and we hope fruitful outcome..

Kolar organisational action:

Brave comrades of Kolar have continued their protest by wearing black badges. But GM Kolar doesn't even shown any curtesy of discussion so far but trying to adopt the atmosphere of unwarranted tension and not ready to adopt proper HR applications.


JAC has to stay on course and get united:

 JAC fundamentally came into existence in 2007 to launch broad based and sustained struggle on issues of policy of the government and the BSNL management. The struggle started on the issue of cancellation of 45.5 m GSM lines.

 Over a period of time, JAC lost its objectivity and focus in terms of a serious drift on issues of policy. Today BSNL is bleeding because the government has abdicated all the policy commitments that BSNL is entitled to, namely, abolition of ADC, USOF, Rural service compensation, refund of spectrum charges for giving BSNL non standard BWA spectrum (Rs 8300 crores), payment of pension by BSNL on actual basic, ITS absorption, so on and so forth. Then there are critical policy issues pertaining to BSNL management i.e procurement of equipment, introducing new business mechanisms and processes to bolster growth of BSNL, greater accountability, performance based HR policies etc. etc.

 Unfortunately, these issues have gone out of sight of JAC and unless these issues are addressed through unending, protracted and sustained struggle, struggle on other issues have virtually no meaning because other issues will get addressed once policy issues are attacked comprehensively. Hectic political and media support is needed and this support will be forthcoming once policy issues are focused and a sustained struggle is launched on those issues, whereas support will be completely absent on other issues.

Besides, JAC has gone considerably weak since two affiliates (NFTE and FNTO) have moved out for whatever reasons. Almost a parallel JAC is functioning which is counterproductive and undesirable. Weaknesses in JAC have become quite pronounced after the latest membership verification. Extraordinary maturity at this critical hour when there is a big question mark about bread and butter of lakhs and lakhs of workers has to be displayed by one and all to forge complete unity. This is really no time for petty politicking and scoring of points. And if the leadership of trade unions do not rise to the occasion by bidding good bye to internal squabbles and settling of scores, posterity will never forgive them for being extremely narrow minded and peevish

 JAC has to undergo drastic transformation in prioritizing issues, deciding strategies, getting political and media support, project essentially issues of policy and finally making it once again formidable force that it emerged in 2007. 

This is without prejudice to anyone, and SNEA(I) cannot and does not escape its share of responsibility in taking JAC to its present position. Thus JAC needs immediate course correction in raising and struggling intensely on issues of policy and injecting new life. SNEA(I) shall unquestionably continue to remain an integral part of JAC.

As per the CHQ call we are NOT PARTICIPATING in the 14th Sept Dharna Programme of JAC....



CS Com S B Nagavi along with AS Com Balakrishna Aithal met CGMT Karnataka Shri P Raghavan yesterday and once again protested the biased high handed action of GM Kolar on our JTOs and pleaded for the intervention of circle administration. We have registered our strong protest with the managment. Sr GM Admn Shri R Chandramouli was also present during the discussion.

Comrades of Kolar are on protest wearing BLACK BADGES from yesterday. SNEA Karnataka strongly supports the justified fight of Kolar comrades..Similar sort of harassment is once again started by GM Shimoga.

We may be compelled to start state level agitation if Karnataka Circle fails to curb these violations of transfer policy by the SSA heads..




JTO to SDE Officiating orders issued for 185 JTOs..For orders Click here... We are thankful to CGMT Shri P Raghavan and Sr GM admn Shri R Chandramouli in this regard. The issue was continuously pursued by SNEA..For our letter click here..


JTO to SDE Offtg orders are likely to be issued today.

Pending E2-E3 Timebound Upgradation order ( 13 Cases) will be issued tomorrow..

Both files are cleared by CGMT today...


Comrades of Kolar on Agitational Path:

SNEA Kolar has issued notice of organisationl action on the biased and high handed acts of GM Kolar. For notice Click here...

CS has met Shri N R Natarajan GM Kolar twice and appealed to withdraw the unwarranted transfer order issued to our JTO. But GM Kolar being vindictive on our members not ready to do justice, instead threatening to take disciplinary actions on the JTOs who are working very hard.

CS appraised the issue to CGMT Karnataka Shri P Raghavan and circle administration also. It appears that GM Kolar is not in a mood to listen to the advices. Compelled by the biased action, SNEA Kolar has left with no other option other than organisational action. SNEA condemns the biased action of GM Kolar.

The said Shri Natarajan while working as GM Tuticorin had done same sort of harrassment to our SNEA member there. Members of SNEA Tuticorin went on Mass Medical Leave for ten days and Corporate Office had to interfere to resolve the issue.

Circle/CHQ will fully support the action till we achieve justice..

All District Secretaries/Circle Office Bearers are requested to be fully prepared for organisational action throughout the circle if situation warrants....


Kolar District Conference:


Our New DS Kolar Com Narain Nandakumar JTO addressing the conference. .For more Glimpses of Kolar District Conference Click here....          


CS along with AS Com Balakrishna Aithal and DS BGTD Com M S Hiremugadur met Sr G M Admn Shri R Chandramouli and discussed the various pending issues.(1) Pending 13 E2E3 TBU cases of BGTD: GM informed that they will be settled this week positively. (2) JTO to SDE Oftg: GM informed that within two days orders will be issued (3) Relieving of SDE/JTOs on request transfer case of Shri Sharathkumar from GLB and Mahesh from Tumkur: GM informed that he wil ask the respective GM to immeidatyely reliev them.(4) Preponment of TBU case of Com M H Bankapur based on Hon High Court orders: The file is being sent to CGM for approval (5) Request transfer case of Com K Shridhar from Kolar to Bangalore: GM informed to look into. (6) High handed action of some vested interests in Kolar on comrades of SNEA: CS had detailed discussion with GM admn on the issues of Kolar and requested for the intervention of circle administration to motivate the young work force of Kolar SSA. SNEA Karnataka strongly condemns to one sided action of GM Kolar and still hopes that issue gets resolved immediately.


CS writes to CGMT Shri P Raghavan on (1) Protesting Delay in issuing of JTO to SDE Offtg...(2) Requesting to consider Rule 8 transfers of JTOs...


Circle Organisation is thankful to comrades of HASSAN..

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