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CS along with Com Ramesh OS BGTD met Sh P Raghavan, CGMT Ktk on 18-4-2012 and discussed on the issue of retention of some SDEs transfer on medical grounds and other related matters..

CS along with DS BGTD Com Hiremugadur met Sr GM Admn and HR and discussed on various issues on 19-4-2012.

(1) Request transfer of Com Jagadish Bhat DGM from SMO to DKTD. GM informed that the case was recommended by him but CGMT is of the firm openion that in the cadre of DE/DGM one has to complete 4 years of service. We have to meet CGMT in this regard.

(2) JTO to SDE Oftg and postings on as is where is basis. We have clarified our position very clearly that except BGTD all are posted on as is where is basis last time. And the comrades of BGTD were distrubed in the previous order. GM was almost convinced of the discrimination. However the comrades of BGTD are to be prepared for a struggle if the discriminative attitude of circle administration is continued this time also.

(3) Relieving of SDEs from Bidar, Mangalore etce., who have gone on long stay. GM spoke to the concerned TDM/PGM to expedite the relieving.

(4)Circle office transfers without completing tenures and local re-arrangements on request. CS strongly protested the transfer of Com Anitha George from CO to MS and bringing in the incumbant to CO. However the issue was resolved by GM MS Sh G V Reddy by posting the said lady SDE in GM Office which was finally accepted by us with protest on record. Sr GM Admn agreed to consider the case of Com Lourde Rajatha Mary also for change of section.

(5) Refresher training by RTTC to on line examination for E2E3/E3E4 TBU: GM spoke to RTTC principal and is exploring the possibility of giving web based trainging with vedio interactive programme SSA wise. He said he will issue instructions to SSAs very shofrtly in this connection. We will continue further discussion in this conection.

(6) Transfer of JTO/SDEs working in Gulbarga, Bidar who have completed tenure in Elec/Civil wing: We have brought to GM's notice that some executives have managed to get transfered to CPC cell to avoid long stay transfer. The CE is expressing his in-ability that he cannot transfer them because they are not working under him. Like this the genuine cases of SDE/JTOs who respeced and honoured the orders of management are suffering as they are not able to come back. GM agreed to look into the matter and further discuss with us.

(7) Long stay transfer in the cadre of ADOL: Com Shibu ADOL Tumkur- case will be considered now as he has completed the tenure at Tumkur.

(8) Considering the request transfer of Com Lingappa Gowda from Madikeri to Tumkur which is missing in the present orders: GM assurred to look into.

(9) Publication missing of information in case of TBU where documents are sent by SSA but time bound orders are not issued by the circle: CS took a very strong objection for the delay in supplying the said information. GM immediately spoke to the DGM staff and ordered to publish it immeidately.

(10) Request transfer of JTOs and the discrimination in maintaingin the WL. CS had already written the letter in this regard. GM assurred to consider the cases where such anamoly exist. For letter click here.

(11) Injustice done in calculating the strength of SDEs in respect of Bellary SSA and aslo taking away the bulk of staff from SSA to mobile being MSC placed in Bellary. GM spoken to GM MS and assured to sort out the issue. CS had written letter on this already. For letter click here..



CS SNEA Karnataka alongwith Com Padmanabha Rao, Joint Secretary South met Shri P Raghavan CGMT Karnataka on 13-4-2012.. Com P Rao, who had been on official visit of training the Executives for CDR implimentation had appraised CGM on the progress done in the CDR change over work. CGM also discussed various other issues and complimented the executives and staff of Karnataka for the increase in the frevenue of current year as compared tro the previous fiscal.

Later we have met Sr GM HR Shri Chandramouli and discussed various issues related to the transfer of SDE/DE/JTOs/ADOL and requested for immediate action on the specific cases discussed.

In the after noon we have also met Shri Mishra GMM STR Bangalore and Shri Sudhakar GM STP and discussed the connected issues. Com Hiremugadur DS BGTD was also present during the meeting.

CS along with Com JSS also visited Jayanagar exchange and had discussion with Com Jayaprakash Javali CWC member.

CS Com S B Nagavi along with Com Balakrishna Aithal ACS Com Hiremugadur DS BGTD, Com Ramesh Org Sec BGTD Com Nagaraj Br Sec RT Nagar today attended the function arranged by BGTD to celebrate the 121st birth anniversory of Dr Ambedkar.

CS along with above team later met Shri Shubhendu Gosh PGM BGTD and discussed on the latest developments on ITS repatriation issue and its impact on BSNL. DS BGTD requested him to give date for the agenda meeting.PGM assurred that he will conduct the same in next week.


Memories of AIC Nanded remain for a pretty long time. Salute to Comrades of Maharastra.. To know more Click here..

AIC Photos


CS along with AS Com Balakrishana Aithal and DSBGTD Com Hiremugadur visited Kolar and today met Sr GM Shri Sudhakar. DS Kolar Com Narain Nandakumar, DP Com Ramakrishna and other comrades also accompanied for the meeting. We have appraised the administration about the biased, non transparant and vindictive decesions and actions taken in previous years/days and focussed on the need of a proper HR policy to be adopted. We have expressed our serious apprehensions of some vested interests who have been accupying very important positions for 25-30 years in one station without any transfers in their life time and are involved in such unwarranted activities. We have on record that for 2-3 years the APARs were not circulated to our members to keep them in darkness, request transfers were denied, convinient postings were arragned if they join to their association etc., We had to approach for legal redressal on the high handed action of one AGM on a concocted story to victimise an young JTO who was a very good workers but belong to the reserve community. He has to loose 3-4 months leave and for BSNL the section of the said JTO sufferred from good service during his leave period. Respected Sr GM was kind to listen to us and also assurred that he would take actions in a transparant manner and as per the laid down guidlines. Sr GM also appriciated the works of our young JTOs in Kolar and he will aim at encouraging and motivating these good workers. DGM Kolar Smt Nirmala and AGM HR were also present during the discussion..


CS met Sr GM Admn on 10-4-2012 and discussed on the issues related to posting of SDEs in respect of Bellary SSA and also on the discrepancies in the recent JTO transfers. GM assurred to look into and we will continue our further discussions in a couple of days. Regarding the missing cases of SDEs whose names are not figurred in the recent promotion list we have requested to give list with reasons for further interaction with the SSAs.



Third lot of TBU orders issued today. This could happen after continuous persuation. We know that still many cases are missing/pending. The DS/COB are requested to send consolidated list of such cases after verifying that all the CRs/SR/format details are duly sent by SSAs; to take up with the administration..For orders click here..<<E2E3>> <<E3E4>> <<E3E4_court case>>


CS will be back in headquarters from Monday 9th April. He will immediately take up the issue of much awaited TBU cases of SDEs. He will further pursue the JTO request transfer cases.

CS is planning to meet GM Tumkur who is in charge of Kolar SSA on 10th April to appraise the issues related to Kolar SSA particularly considering the local request transfers at Kolar and also biased decesions in giving the posting orders in r/o of incoming SDEs on transfer.. Comrades of Kolar are requested to be alert to curb these biased actions of local vested interests in this regard..



JTO request traqnsfer orders issued today..The sustained efforts of SNEA yeilded results. Thanks to circle administration for the positive response shown in the matter. For orders click here...


All India Conference at Nanded:

Com S B Nagavi CS, Com B S Venkateshmurthy CP, Com M H Gombi AGS along with COB/DSs, 61 delegates and 24 observers have attended the AIC. All the delegates have fully participated in the deliberations. The address by Sh SAM PITRODA was great event of the conference. For the vedio speech click here....

CS effectively presented the issues relating to regularisation of JTO(Oftg), generalisation of notional fixation of 2004 LDCE SDEs and issues related to recent LDCE including the wrong answers in the QP.

The great leader of the century Com G L Jogi, relinquished the post of GS, who in turn reminded us that constitution of SNEA is greatest of all and we all have to obey it.

From Karnataka young Com Panduranga Nayak, JTO Belgaum (2002 Batch) has been elected as Assistant General Secretary..We congratulate Com Nayak and all the CHQ leaders on their election..


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