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Time Bound Upgradation orders for 299 executives issued after continuous persuation. Another bunch of promotion orders in respect of the CRs subsequently received by BGTD is in process. We will persuade for the issue of these promotions next week. But still many CRs/SP and pay details etc are awaited from the SSAs/BGTD. We request the DS to peruse at GM office to send the same. The DS may also intimate the missing names if any provided the CRs already sent. For TBU orders click here.. <<E5E6>> <<E3E4>> <<E2E3>> <<E2E3>>


The Time Bound Upgradation orders (115+85+85+14 cases ) are likely to be released today as discussed with the DGM Staff Shri Devadas.....


CS today met Sr GM Admn & HR Sh Chandramouli and discussed various issues.

It was assertained that one more lot of Time Bound Upgradation is approved by CGMT ( 115+85+85 cases as reported by DGM). The orders are likely to be issued tomorrow.

We have discussed on the issue of considering the request transfer of the the executives and to expedite the process of the same. GM assurred next week we will discuss with us further on the matter.

We have also informed GM that the MS wing has initiated the precess of drawing arrears in case of E1+5 increament cases after the circle office intervention in the matter.


Waiting list of Hubli incoming request transfers published for any mistakes/correcttions/objections for list click here


GM STR proposes to fill up the shortage places in Karnataka circle in athe cadre of SDEs and hence called for option. The letter of option can be viewed here...


CS writes to CGMT Karnataka Sh P Raghavan to arrange class room training to face online exams of TBU as per the provisons of the BSNL CO order No.32-27/04/trg-Vol-VII dtd 5-1-2011. For letter click here..

CS also met Sr GM HR Sh R Chandramouli today and pressurised for the immediate release of remaing TBU orders. GM informed that the work of DPC is in porogress.

CS has very strongly opposed the delay in drawing the arrears of E1+5 increamnets in many SSAs and even in Mobile service BG for the reason of circle office not giving the list of JTO/JAOs eligible for arrears. Circle office is of the openion that it can be assertained from the SR. Ultimately the sufferrers are the JTOs. From our part we have informed that if the issue is not resolved we will resort to organisation action from 27th Feb 2012..The DSs are request4ed toi update the SSA wise position immediately..




The Review Petition filed by BSNL in OA 181/2009, the case of notional pay fixation and service benefits vide RP No. 315/2011 came up before Hon High Court of Karnataka, The arguments completed after condoning the delay of the submission of RP by BSNL and the Judgement is reserved. It may be re-called here the case fought under the leadership of Shri S B Nagavi and 123 others, already orders have been implemented in Karnataka based on the directive of the Hon Supreme Court while dismissing the SLP filed by BSNL. The case was represented by Shri P A Kulkarni, counsel on behalf of applicants at various courts. Similar judgements have also been pronounced by Hon CAT Hydrabad and Hon Kerala High Court referring the judgement of Karnataka..


Congratulations !

Com. Naveenchandra Shetty S.D.E, Phones Manipal DK TD has been awarded the Geospatial Excellency award-2012 in Telecom obtained for BSNL at India Geospatial Forum-2012 which is an 14th International seminar conducted by the Dept of Science and Technolgy, New Delhi in technical collaboration with  the GIS development of Media and Communication, Delhi. Com Naveen Chandra is also active member of SNEA DKTD. The circle organisation congratulates for his outstanding achievements in the field of Broad Band... For the glimpses of the function click here....



Building Fund:

Com Shivaram Shetty AGM BGTD paid Rs.5,000-00 towards Circle Building Fund. We are thankful for the donation.

For the list of Kolar Comrades Building Fund Contribution Click here...

Comrades of Hassan contributed Rs.18,500-00 towards building fund on 5-2-2012 the district conference day. The list is awaited... We are thankful for the donation.



View for details..<<1>> <<2>>


The Review Petition RP 315/2011 in case of notional fixation case filed by BSNL against OA 181/2009 of S B Nagavi and 123 others is likely to come up before Hon High Court of Karnataka on 17-02-2012 ....


Tours of UF leaders:


CS SNEA Com S B Nagavi and AGS AIBSNLEA Com R B Athani have visited and addressed the Joint meeting of both associations at GM Office Mangalore at 1730 hours on 4-2-2012and more than 150 executives have attended. Com Muralidhar DS and Com Chandrahas Ullal of SNEA have also addressed the meet. Com Manjppa DS AIBSNLEA also addressed the meeting. All the doubts and queries were cleared by CS and AGS of the UF.


CS SNEA Com S B Nagavi and ACS AIBSNLEA Com Malatesh Banagar have visited and addressed the Joint meeting of both associations at Samskrith Bhavan Hassan on 5-2-2012 in the District Conference arranged by SNEA Hassan. Morfe than 70 executives attended the meeting. All the queries were answered by CS.

The detailed report on the conference will be published later.

Meeting with GM Admn:

CS, AS Com Balakrishna Aithal, DS BGTD Com Hiremugadur met Sr. GM Admn Shri Chandramouli and discussed the following issues. (1) Issue of TBU of remaining cases in the cadre of JTO and SDEs. We have strongly protested on the delay done in the cases where the CRs have already been received by the circle office. GM assurred to expedite the cases. GM also strongly raised the issue of non receipt of the CRs especially from BGTD; the response being very poor. (2) Immediate issue of posting orders in the case of DGM Adhoc promotion on as is where is basis. GM assurred action will be taken immediately. (3) Considering the request transfers: The cut off date extension for receiving tghe applicdations. The date fixed is 10th, but the GM office of SSA may delay. GM assured to look into. (4) Exemption of long stay transfer in case of PH cases. GM assurred to verify the rules. (5) TBU upgradation case of Com N V Parande SDE BJP. GM informed that the CRs have been received late. Now the case will be immediately processed and orders issued shortly.

CS visit to Delhi:

CS and AGS will be attending the meeting and SNEA building inauguration at Delhi on 10-2-2012 and will be back on 13th.





CS Com S B Nagavi, AGS Com M H Gombi, CS Com H Y Andeli, AGS Com R B Athani of AIBSNLEA have attended and addressed the joint meeting of executives' association at Hotel Mayura at Chickmaglur at 1730 hours on 3-2-2012. Huge gathering of executives pledged to make the programme a great sucess. The meeting ended at 2030 hours. Com Halappa, Com A N Gopalakrishna DS SNEA spoke and assurred of the full support of the Chickmaglur comrades. Com K L Shivanna, District President of SNEA presided over the function.


After countinuous persuation the first list of TBU in the cadre of JTOs released after yesterday CS SNEA strongly protested the un-aviodable delay by the HRD section;For orders click here..<<part1>> <<part2>> <<part3>>

We will persue other cases also. In many cases still CRs/SR are awaited from the SSAs..

CS and OS will be addressing the Joint meeting at Belgaum and Hubli today...


Tours of Circle Office Bearers of UF:


CS Com S B Nagavi, AGS Com M H Gombi and CS AIBSNLEA Com H Y Andeli addressed a well attended lunch hour meeting at Tumkur on 2-2-2012. The Executives of Tumkur have taken a pledge for their full involvement in the programme. Com Sangameshwaraiah DS Com Shridhar ACS, Com R B Joshi Ex DS BGTD were also present in the meeting..


CS Com S B Nagavi, AGS Com M H Gombi and CS AIBSNLEA Com H Y Andeli, Com R B Athani AG IBsNLEA addressed a well attended evening meeting at Davangere on 2-2-2012. The Executives of Davangere have also taken a pledge for their full involvement in the programme. Com Mahesh DS Com Vijayakumar VP were also present in the meeting.


CS Com S B Nagavi, AGS Com M H Gombi and CS AIBSNLEA Com H Y Andeli, Com R B Athani AG IBSNLEA addressed a well attended lunch hourfmeetingat Shimoga on 3-2-2012. The Executives of Shimoga after detailed discussion have also taken a pledge for their full involvement in the programme. Com Rajashekar DS was also present in the meeting.


Tours of Circle Office Bearers of UF:

The circle office bearers of UF will tour and organise the proposed CHQ programme of Dharna and Work to Rule a great success: CSs and AGSs will address the meetings as detailed below;

02-02-2012 at 1130 hours at Tumkur

02-02-2012 at 1730 hours at Davangere

03-02-2012 at 1300 hours at Shimoga

03-02-2012 at 1730 hour at Chickmaglur

04-02-2012 at 1730 hours at Mangalore

05-02-2012 at 1200 hours at Hassan

07-02-2012 at 1300 hours at Belgaum

07-02-2012 at 1730 hours at Hubli

The DS/COB are requested to organise the meetings as per the above schedule positively.

STR Transfers...

We are very much thankful to CGM STR Chennai Shri Raghavan for considering the 3 request transfers of DEs of Karnataka circle STR ( Com Mallikarjun M GLB to RCR, Com Ramachandra K-1 CKG to Kannur and Com Muniyappa K V Kolar to MPLS BG). For orders click here...We have been persuing these transfers with the STR administration. Earlier instance CGM has considered almost all the request transfers of our SDEs in a phased manner and recently ordered the transfers of Smt Nuthan Shet and Com A G Kulkarni also..

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