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Photos of Chickmaglur Circle Confernece

List of Circle Office Bearers



DIARY 2013

For final list of telephone numbers to be printed in diary click below and intimate any correction before 1700 hours of 16-12-2012..

Circle Office Bearers

District Office Bearers

BG TD Branch Secretaries

Dharna on 17th and 18th:

All COB/DS are requested to make the CHQ programme a grand success by 100% participation. For details visit CHQ web sire...


JTO to SDE officiating orders issued but with lot of missing cases. For orders click here. Any missing case please sms details to Com K N Muralidhar CS in charge (9448010099) to pursue the cases..


DIARY 2013

The telephone numbers of DS/DP/DT and the Circle Office bearers are published now. Any correction may be intimated to Com KN Muralidhar (9448010099) before 1700 hours of 12-12-2012 to give to print in the DIARY 2013 being printed by SNEA KTK.. For the list click here..

Mysore Issue:

CS Com S B Nagavi along with DS CO Com Chidambar met CGMT Karnataka Shri P Raghavan and discussed various issues including issues relating to Mysore SSA. We have made our position very clear and how we are subjected to biased action followed by false statements to tarnish the image of our Circle President in the meeting held at PGM's chamber on 27-11-2012. We have otherwise pleaded for an impartial enquiry on all the issues. CGM assures us and of the openion to resolve the issues with necessary action from his end. The meeting lasted for one hour. Sr GM HR Shri Chandramouli was also present during the meeting.

Members are requested to be on alert till the issues are settled to restore back the justice in the matter.

CS writres to CGMT Karnataka to Grant Spl CL to the CWC members/CS/AGS to attend the Chennai CWC meeting scheduled on 7th and 8th Jan 2013. For letter and CWC notice click here.

CS will be out of HQ for personnel work and hence Com K N Muralidhar OS will look after the works of CS. Members are requested to contact Com Muralidhar (9448010099) till 3-1-2013..



Com D S Mahendrakar is no more..

Com D S Mahendrakar SDE STR Gadag expired today morning at KLE Hospital Belgaum. He was suffering from kidney problem and unfortunately the transplanted kidney also did not adjust to his body. He had even struggled with this ailment for years. He was very active member of Hubli SSA and in our STR wing.He has worked in various capacities in our circle body. He has left behind his Wife Smt Jayashree, Sr TOA in BSNL and a daughter Kum Shubhashre. It is a great loss to the trade Union movement and particularly to SNEA Karnataka. We express our deep condolances and pray God for his soul to be in peace. May God give strength to his family members to overcome the shocking incident.



Baseless Coments:

We are constrained to respond to the most unwarranted postings in the web site of other executive association; though we wanted to neglect it, for the information of our members we are here with publishing for circulation of the letter written by Sr. GM Mysore vide letter No. G-45/SNEA/2012-13 dtd 25-10-2012 addressed to Sr GM Admn Circle office Bangalore in response to our issues pending to be settled at Mysore; which has been procured under RTI by CS SNEA vide application dated 8-11-2012 strictly for the information of our members.  

We are equally concerned with the maintenance and development of SSA/BSNL. It is our members who are in the field and are instrumental in these achievements. We have never confronted on these issues with the Mysore Administration. In fact circle organisation has already placed it on record when we held the meeting with CGMT..

What is most concerned is the biased treatment we are subjected to and are fighting on these issues; which ultimately will pave the way for justice, harmony and further development. We are prepared for an impartial enquiry into the issues raised by us.

A man of ordinary prudence will never believe in a lie that if GMs are good if they oblige us for our whims and fancies. For what we are agitating is clear and open to everybody. SNEA has not forgotten that person speaking now; why did not join as DE Halasur (because it is a field work). When this single demand was considered; what happened to the remaining 6 demands raised there and then?

The issues raised by us are exhaustive and explain which are baseless and which are not; once the following letters are studied.

For the letter of Sr GM Mysore click here..
For the letter of CS SNEA KTK click here..

We believe in struggle against injustice and struggled at Bangalore also when 6 SDEs were relieved in the middle of the acadamic year at the provocation of the other association. We need not be preached by others which is totally uncalled for.


new3-12-2012 :

Hon MP of Chickmaglur_Udupi Shri K Jayaprakash Hegde writes to Shri Kapil Shibalji Hon MOC for ITS repatriation based on our memorandum submitted by Forum of Unions and Associations of Chickmaglur.. For letter click here..

new28-11-2012 :

Mysore Issues:

CGMT Karnataka Shri Shubhendu Ghosh called CS SNEA Karnataka to discuss the issues raised by SNEA Mysore on 27-11-2012 evening ; at CTO Bangalore. Shri Jayaram GM Mysore and Shri Chandramouli Sr GM Admn and HR were also present. CS has made our issues very clear as to how we were harrassed by the biased actions of Mysore administration and appealed for justice and restoration of condusive atmosphere by the management and come up for fair and frank discussion and just decisions. CGM advised certain actions to be taken immediately. However the talks were inconclusive. From our side we have demanded for fact finding committe to assertain the true facts of on the issues raised by us and also on the report given by GM Mysore.. For our letter click here.

new26-11-2012 :

CS Com S B Nagavi, AGS Com Pandurang Naik and Circle Org Secretary Com K N Muralidhar have visited Mysore and addressed the emergency general body meeting. Circle Organisation took stock of the on going issues with regard to the biased actions of GM Mysore on SNEA members. Circle Organisation assured full support on the struggle of Mysore comrades. Circle President Com B S Venkateshmurthy and DS Mysore Com Vishakantamurthy also addressed and appraised the developments to the members. The house decided to any sort of organisational action to settle the issues and stop injustice and biased actions of GM Mysore.

On 23rd CS along with Com Huliraja OS BGTD met in charge CGMT Karnataka Shri Shubhendu Gosh and appraised the issues relating to Mysore and reluctance and refusal of GM Mysore to discuss the issues with SNEA and even with the circle secretary. CGMT assurred to look into the matter.


new21-11-2012 :

CS has been to Delhi on 18th Nov 2012 and is back to Bangalore on 20th Nov 2012. CS attended the crucial court case regarding the SLP filed on quashing of Sr list 6 and 7 on 19th. Held discussions with GS and CHQ President on 20th. Today CS, AGS and COS will be visiting to Mysore to attend the GB of Mysore.

new16-11-2012 :

2nd day of Agitation By Mysore Comrades:

CS yesterday met CGMT Karnataka and also today again met Sr GM Admin on his telephonic call along with DS CO Com Chadambaram. Both CGMT and GM have told that; "already GM Mysore has been advised to discuss and settle the matter with SNEA".

But GM Mysore is continuing to be adamant on his part. Not only he is biased to SNEA but has reported many issues of having no truths or to tarnish his predecessor. According to him " Even though Mysore SSA is having nearly 600 TMs qualified and certified by our own ISO certified RTTC, not even 5% of the TMs can handle cable related issues independantly. Similar is the case with CDOT/OCB switch and present day transmission systems" and then " The Mysore system is precariously placed. MIS figures are inflated to conceal the large scale closures of land line and broad ban connections ( 13000 landlines aqnd 2500 broadband connections)" and so on and so forth.

Thus he is making false and insulting statements even in writing on the executives and non executives. This cannot be tolerated by the efficient and harworking fraternity of Mysore.

So we have requested circle administration to intervene and resolve the issue. All DSs to be in alert to as to react properly if the apprach of Mysore continues like this.


new15-11-2012 :

Comrades of Mysore on Agitational Path:

The genuine issues raised by SNEA Mysore have not been resolved. Dispite the sincere efforts of DS Mysore, several times, GM refused meetings. GM Mysore has in addition initiated retaliatory actions on SNEA and transferred Circle President of SNEA with vindictive attitude. GM Mysore is proved to be totally biased in his approach. So comrades of SNEA Mysore will be on Dharna today in front of GM Office Mysore. Circle Organisation fully supports the organisational programme of Mysore comrades.

new14-11-2012 :

DEEPAVALI is the time for rekindling the INNER LIGHT.



Now move and submit the memorandum to the Hon Members of Parliament ( MP ) of your area and ensure that they would write to the Prime Minister. For copy of memorandum click here...

new8-11-2012 :

We extend our thanks and congratulations to all the participants in the relay hunger strike at all the districts. We also extend our thanks to all the activists, DS/COBs for organising the week long programme. The details of the Hon Court proceedings of 7-11-2012 have been uploaded in the CHQ site. Forum of Unions and Associations is scheduled to meet today to decide further course of action in the matter. We appeal all the members to be in RED ALERT for further organisational action.

CEC at Shimoga:

The CEC scheduled to be held at Shimoga on 17th and 18th Nov 2012 stands postponned due to the ongoing organisationasl programmes and the uncertainity of CHQ office bearers attendence. The new date will be notified shortly.

CS along with Com Chidamabaram DS CO met Shri R Chandramouli and discussed about the vearious issues. We pleaded for the early issue of JTO to SDE Oftg. Considering and issue of TBU case of Com K Narayan, JTO DKTD, Posting of DEs to Hubli and to give priority in respect of posting of DEs having less than 2 years of service. We have protested the biased actions of GM Mysore in respect of SNEA members and particularly Circle President of SNEA Com B S Venkatesh Murthy.


new2-11-2012 :

Relay Hunger Strike...

Comrades all over Karnataka have made the relay hunger strike a great success for the last four days. As no concrete devolopments have been taken by the management to repatriate the non optee ITS we have to continue our Relay Hunder Strike for two more days and indefinately continue the non-coperation programme as per the CHQ call. We congratulate all the participants and call upon the remaining members to invariabley take part in the RHS in the remaing two days..All photos of the programmes will be updated later...

SNEA comrades have done it again..Four comrades namely M M Jigajinni DGM Belgaum, Suvarna Murthy SDE Mandya, K Malleshi SDE OCB Bellary and R M Hiremath JTO Chickmaglur have been conferred with the Sanchar Seva Padak Awards. Congrats and keep it up.

new25-10-2012 :

Comrades, make all out preparations for the indefinite Non cooperation agitation and Day long hunger strike from 29th Oct to 03rd Nove. ’12...

Arrange combined General body meetings and door to door campaign at Branch/SSA level and at all major stations/Exchanges.

All Branch/SSA Secreatries and Branch/SSA/Circle/CHQ office bearers should coordinate with other leaders of Forum for the successful implementation of the agitation programme.

The comrades on leave/ training etc are requested to cancel the leave and join the agitation from 29th Oct.

new20-10-2012 :



Com K Malleshi SDE OCB Bellary will be conferred with Sanchar Seva Padak for his outstanding work in indoor technical works in Ballary. We congratulate our active member Com Malleshi for his great achievment..

Meeting with CGMT Karnataka Shri P Raghavan:

Com S B Nagavi CS, along with Com B S Venkateshmurethy Circle President, Com K N Muralidhar COS, Com M S Hiremugadur ACS HQ, Com Satishkumar CWC member and Com Vishakhantamurthy DS Mysore met CGMT Karnataka Shri P Raghavan and discussed various issues especially in respect of Mysore SSA. CGMT was kind enough to hear in detail all the issues raised and the hardships being faced by the executives due to the biased actions of the managment. CGMT assurred to look into. Shri R Chandramouli Sr GM Admin was also present during the discussion. We have also discussed on the considering of the request transfer of DEs who have completed two years of service at transferred place but the managment is rigid on the point of 4 years tenure. Later we have discussed the transfer case of Com Jagadish Bhat DE SMO and GM assurred that the case is under process.

new16-10-2012 :

Massive Dharna at all SSAs and at Circle Office Bangalore in Karnataka..

Congratulations and thanks to all the unions and associations and members for their active suppost and participation in the day long dharna throught Karnataka on 15th Oct 2012 despite being festive day..Many SSAs have ensured 100% participation giving message to end discrimination ..

For glimpses << Bangalore>> <<Chickmaglur>> << Kolar>>


new12-10-2012 :



Com Suvarna Murthy SDE Mandya will be conferred with Sanchar Seva Padak for her outstanding work in the field of Outdoor and Cable Mtce work in Mandya Urban area. She is the District President of SNEA(I) Mandya.. We congratulate her for her great achievment..

new10-10-2012 :

Observe Lunch Hour Demo at all SSA and Circle HQrs on 11-10-2012 as per CHQ call..


All District secretaries and Branch secretaries are requested send the SAVINGRAM on the first day of Savingram campaign itself ( ie. on 11-10-2012 ) as furnished below. Make extensive preparations in co-ordination with  all Unions and Associations of Forum of Unions and Associations in BSNL. SAVINGRAM to be send seperately by all Branch /SSA/Circle  Secretaries of different Unions /Associations

For the text of savingram click here..

Mysore comrades on agitation...

CS writes to CGMT Karnataka Shri P Raghavan for his kind intervention to curb the biased actions of GM Mysore on the members of SNEA Mysore. For letter click here.. SNEA Mysore has already served notice of agitaion....

Comrades of SNEA Chickmaglur done it again..




Com R M Hiremath JTO (Oftg) will be conferred with Vishist Sanchar Seva Padak for his meritorious and dedicated services at Aldur Sub-division of Chickmaglur SSA.The said JTO works 24x7 for the company and worth being awarded. We wish him all the best and congratulate for his great achievement..




Com M M Jigajinni DGM Belgaum will be awarded with "Vishist Sanchar Seva Padak". SNEA congratulates our beloved member for his outstanding works for the Belgaum SSA and great achievement. He is our active member of SNEA and our Ex-President SNEA Belgaum..


new04-10-2012 :

Congratulations to the Award Winners of Karnataka Circle. For the list of awardees click here...

new03-10-2012 :

The lunch hour demonstration was held today at 3 places in Bangalore ( Circle Office, CTO and WMS). The CS addressed the gathering at Circle office. While ACS HQ Com Hiremugadur and DS BGTD Com Ramesh addressed the gathering at CTO.

The case of notional pay fixation for the remaining 52 SDEs of LDCE of Karnatka has came up before Hon CAT Bangalore today and is again posted on 18-10-2012 as BSNL sought time to file the reply statement..

new29-09-2012 :

As per the call of UF of BSNL Executives's Associations CHQ; Karnataka circle will observe PROTEST WEEK from 1st Oct to 7th Oct 2012 and will hold lunch hour demonstrations at Circle office Bangalore and at all SSA headquarters on 1st, 3rd and 5th October 2012. The DS/COB are reuquested to mobilise and make the programme a grand success. For other details visit CHQ site

new26-09-2012 :

CS is in Delhi and will be back at HQrs on 28th Sept 2012.

Cancellation of transfer order of Com K L Shivanna, DE Chickmaglur. We are thankful to Com Sebastin GS and other CHQ office bearers for reconciling the injustice caused after a long persuation. Along with Com GS Com Sebastin and CHQ President Com G L Jogi, CS Com S B Nagavi met Sr GM Personnel BSNL CO ND and elaburated the issue in detail. For cancellation order click here..

CS held detailed discussion on the organisational matters with CHQ President and GS and confirmed the dates of CHQ leaders to attend the CEC. Accordingly the CEC will be held at Shimoga on 17th and 18th of Nov 2012.

TBU date modification order released by circle office. For orders click here..

CS today discussed over phone with Sh Chandramouli Sr GM Admn and protested on the non-forwarding of the application of Com M S Hiremath to Corp Office for his deputation to TRAI.. GM finally agreed to forward the sme today..

We have received the requirement Diary from some SSAs and hence requested that other SSAs also confirm their requirement soon.


new22-09-2012 :

Modification in the date of effect of Time Bound Upgradations;

Our organisation was persuading the cases of some SDEs regarding the moadification in the date of TBU for a pretty long time with the circle administration. The circle administration has called details from all the SSAs and finally approved the modifications by conducting a seperate DPC in this connection. Hence the cases taken up by us in r/o Comrades (1) Krishna SDE MS Mdy (2) Ramesh S SDE MS MY (3) Kantaraj SDE MS DVG (4) Damodar SDE MS BG (5) Leela HN SDE CO (6) Vinod Kulkarni SDE BM (7) Mahesh Hande SDE MS Udupi (8) Arun Manvi SDE DKTD (9) Kulkarni R G SDE BL and (10) Anand P SDE DKTD.are approved. The file is further approved by CGM and orders are likely to be issued within one or two days..

new20-09-2012 :

Printing of Diary for 2013

SNEA Karnataka is proposing to print the diary for 2013, if adaquate requirement is received from all the SSAs on or before 28-09-2012. The District Secretaries are requested to send the requirement of the diaries immediately. The tentative rate for each diary may be Rs.160-00 and we are trying to provide with foam jacket for the long usage of the entire year. On receiving of the requirement we will take a final call. The requirement may be given to Com K N Muralidhar ( 9448010099 ) before 28th Sept 2012..

new17-09-2012 :

Lunch Hour Demonstration:

In view of Gowri Ganesha Festival, the Forum of Unions and Associations of Karnataka circle decided to hold the lunch hour demonstration on

20th Sept 2012

instead of 18th in Karnataka Circle to demand the repatriation of ITS Officers as per CHQ call.

Members are requested to make the programme 100% successful...

new15-09-2012 :

Centralisation of EPF Accounts:

CS writes to CGMT Karnataka circle Shri P Raghavan on the issue of centralisation of EPF accounts. CS Com S B Nagavi also met Sr GM Admn and HR Shri R Chandramouli, and held detailed discussion on the said issue. GM assurred to hold a meeting with the EPF authority very shortly and issued instrctions to DGM Staff Shri Praksh Rao to initiate action in this connection. For the letter written to CGM KTK click here.. This has already been implimented in Maharastra. For the circulars of Maharastra click here.. We are also acknowledging the contributions of Com Pandurang Nayak AGS in taking up this issue.

new14-09-2012 :


Com D Lourdhu Mary Rajathi SDE Circle Office has donated Rs. 2000.00 towards building fund. SNEA is thankful to Com Lourdhu Mary Rajathi.

new12-09-2012 :

DS Mobile Services Bangalore Com Sudheendra took up a case with DGM Finance for the re-imbersement of the Newspaper purchased by Executives. Finance wing of Mobile Services issued the approval for the same. "By producing the receipt of one month the monthly reimbursment of Newspaper can be availed by the executives of NWP CM and NWO CM Karnataka". We are thankful to Sh Nanjunda Swamy DGM Finance for considering the request of the association. For the sanction letter click here.

CS Com S B Nagavi writes to CGMT Karnataka Shri P Raghavan to ensure the AMC of GSM equipments and infra as the services are deteriorating for want cards, power supply modules and attending of power plants and absence of proper battery charging etc..For more click here..

CS Com S B Nagavi writes to GM NWO CM Shri G V Reddy to arrange for SSA wise riggers to ensure the continuoius opotimisatgion of the RF system to give better service. For more click here..

new09-09-2012 :

For the glimpses of the SHANKARAPURAM AGB please click here..


Com N G Badiger SDE Hubli has donated Rs. 2000.00 towards building fund. SNEA is thankful to Com Badiger..

new7-09-2012 :

Annual General Body Meeting of Shankarapuram Branch of BGTD:

The AGB of the branch is held today during lunch hours at Telephone Exchange Shankarapuram. CS Com S B Nagavi, DS BGTD Com Ramesh, DP Com Ranganayakulu, DVP Com Virupakshaiah, Com M H Gombi Ex AGS have attended and addressed the meeting. Com Karagappa BS explained the problems of the members and drawn the attention of the leaders on some vital issues. CS explained all the issues related to CHQ and Circle and the role played by SNEA in retaining the 6 SDEs upto 31-3-2013. CS also thanked Com Karagappa for the contributions he has done in the membership drive. District Office bearers Com V Raja and Com Ganeshan were also present.

The following new members have joined SNEA.

(1) Com B S Nagaraj AGM Ramanagara

(2) Com P R Dayanand Sagar SDE CMK

(3) Com K Siddaiah SDE Fort Exge

(4) Com G K Raju JTO CMK

(5) Com P K Surendra JTO RR Nagar

SNEA has welcomed these new members.

Com R Mala AGM, Com E Vishwanath SDE and Com Vijayashree SDE have been unanimously elected as the Branch President, Branch Secretary and the Branch Treasurer.

For the glimpses of the AGB please click here..


new6-09-2012 :

CS Com S B Nagavi met Sr GM NWP-CM Shri G V Reddy along with Com K N Muralidhara COS, Com Sudheendra DS MS wing and Com Rajesh Treasurer MS wing and discussed various issues. (1) Need of Riggers in each SSA for the day today maintenance of RF system and the risk the field units are facing now. GM assurred to incorporate the item in the present tender. (2) Importance of looking into "Return on investment" while going in for the hiring of the IP sites. We have cited the non functioning IP site examples and also the non remuneratave IP/Anchor sites in many districts in this connection: GM informed that in the present project already care has been taken in this regard. For the old cases he assurred to act as per the tender conditions in the matter. (3) Difficulties faced by the field units due to Vendor Huwaie not doing any mtce work and replacement of cards and the maintenance of EA/AC. GM informed that it is a contractual issue needs to be resolved at the highier end and it has already been duly escalated at appropriate level. (4) Vindictive attitude of the the Sr officer and absence of human approach in handling HR issues. GM informed that based on the specific issue brought to his notice by SNEA has been duly noted and instructions have already been issued to avoid such incidents in future and also he has already advised the concerned authority to be more educative and create a better atmosphere to motivate good workers.


new5-09-2012 :

Great leader of SNEA Karnataka Retires from BSNL....


Com C S Puranik, leader of SNEA Karnataka retired on superannuation on 31st Aug 2012. Com C S Puranik was a great organisor who had built the association at Madikeri and Karwar from the scratch. He has worked in the various capacities as circle officer bearer and also the DS of Madikeri and Karwar. SNEA acknowledges the services of Com C S Puranik and wishes him a happy retired life. We will always look forward for his valuable suggetions and participation in the organisational activities in future also.

The following Executives have also retired on superannuation/VR. We wish them a very happy retired life.


SL No.











































Mutual transfers of JTOs.....

Circle office published the list of JTOs whose mutual transfers are pending for want of certain infn/documents. For the letter and list view..

new4-09-2012 :

Hubli District Conference:

The 4th District Conference was held at GM Office, Conference Hall on 2nd Sept 2012. The conference was arranged in a grand manner. The conference was presided by the Distrct President Com Y R Bhajentri. The function commenced with the invocation by Com R V Gad. DS Com S P Jagadale presented the DS report. Com Geeta DT preseneted the accounts. The retired comrades Com Hotkar DE and Com Kalasannavar JTO were felicitated by SNEA. Mr Girish Chindi very efficient, hard working Regular Mazdoor was honoured by the comrades of Hubli during the conference. GM Hubli Sh Krishna Sharma Chief Guest of the open session addressed the gathering and focussed on the importance of giviing satisfactory service to the customers. AGS Com Panduranga Nayak expained all the CHQ related matters and CS Com S B Nagavi elaborated on the circle issues and organisational matters. Com Jarimani DS BSNLEU, Com Shivanand from AIBSNLEA, DGM Sh Satish Babu, Sh Padaki have also graced the occasion. Com Rajalakshmi Yavagal anchored the function and Com Sudhir Bellubbi welcomed the gathering. Com Nashipudimath extended the vote of thanks.

Com Y R Bhajentri, Com S P Jagadale and Com S J Bongale have been unanimously elected as the District President, District Secretary and the District Treasurer for the year 2012-13.

For the glimpses of the conference click here..




new31-08-2012 (1900hrs):

Hubli District Conference:

The 4th District Conference of Dharwad SSA is scheduled to be held on 2nd Sept 2012 (Sunday) at Conference Hall, GM Office, SANCHAR SADAN Hubli from 1000 hours. CS, AGS and other leaders will be attending the conference.

CS will not be in Headquarters till 3rd Sept 2012. In case of emergency members are requested to contact Com M S Hiremugadur ACS HQ (9449854785) ..


Finally the 6 SDEs on transfer orders from Raichur are relieved by GM Raichur. We extend our thanks to the circle administration for resolving the long pending issue in transfers..



Honourable High Court of Delhi today gave relief on the orders issued by BSNL persuant to the recemmendations 3 & 4 (regarding transfers and holding meetings with administration) of NCSC. 

Appropriate orders of Honourable High Court of Delhi will follow. 


CS today met Sr GM Admn Sh R Chandramouli and DGM Sh Prakash Rao and thanked them for considering the request transfer of Com Theertha Prakash from Shimoga to Chickmaglur. GM further informed us that the JTOs from Belgaum and Madikeri are relieved by the controlling units to Raichur SSA and will ensure the relieving of the SDE from Mysore to Raichur also. He has also assertained that GM Raichur Sh Madhusudhan Rao has also approved the relieving of all the 6 SDEs from Raichur today.

A word of thanks to Sr GM Shimoga Sh Radhakrishna..

Circle organisation is thankful to Sr GM Shimoga Sh Radhakrishna for considering the case of relieving SDE Com Theertha Prakash without waiting for substitute considering his outstanding performance at Shimoga and on the compassinate grounds in the present instance.


CS today met Sr GM Admn Sh R Chandramouli and demanded the relieving of 6 SDE under transfer orders from Raichur as already promised by the administration and further delay in this regard will be very strongly protested. GM had assurred to get them relieved otherwise action will be taken to relieve them from the circle officer directly before the end of this month. We have also demanded for the relieving of the JTO/SDEs who have been transferred to Raichur SSA.


AGB meeting of Vijay Nagar Branch BGTD..

Vijay Nagar Branch meeting of BGTD held today. CS Com S B Nagavi, ACS HQ Com M S Hiremugadur, DS BGTD Com Ramesh, DVP Com Virupakshaiah, Com R B Joshi, Com M H Gombi, Com Ganeshan have attended and addressed the meeting.

Com K Shivanna AGM, Com H S Suresh SDE and Com Vijyalakshmi SDE have been unanimoulsy elected as the Branch President, Branch Secretary and Branch Treasurer.

For glimpses of the AGB click here...


Karwar District Conference

For glimpses of the conference click here...

The 7th District Conference of Karwar SSA was held on 26th Aug 2012 at Telephone Exchange Sirsi. Com Mahabaleshwar Hegde presided the confenrce. Com Patagar SDE STR welcomed the gathering. Com C S Puranik Distrct Secretary presented the report and Com Balavalli, Treasurer presented the accounts. Elaborate and brain storming discussion took place on the porblems faced by the executives of Karwar SSA. All the executives expressed the adverse impact on the non availablility of the responsible top management officer at Karwar and hence majority issues continue to be pending for want of proper decision and in turn affecting the smooth functioning of the SSA. Despite invitations and requests by the association none of the officeres including PGM MR and DGM in charge Karwar have attended the conference. All executives are of the openion that if the critical store items like cable, drop wire, instruments, modems, jointing kits etc are supplied; the field units are ready to work day and night. There is no AMC for PP, EA and AC units. Majority of exchanges are working with single power plant module for month together which will ultimately lead to collapse of the the battery bank as they are not getting the bhoost charges. The conference commenced at 1030 hours and went upto 1730 hours. CS Com S B Nagavi, in his address gave a detailed account of the CHQ and Circle issues and promised to take up all the matters came up in the conference which are pertaining to circle level and above. The conference ended with the extention of vote of thanks by Com R M Hegde.

Com C S Puranik, our out going DS Karwar will be retiring on superannuation on 31-8-2012. He was also falicitated by the SNEA members on this occassion. CS also thanked Com Puranik on his outstanding works he has done as circle office bearer and was instrumental in building the organisation at Madikeri as well as at Karwar.

Com Siddappa Pujar DE, Com M A Ansari SDE and Com P S Bhat JTO were unanumously elected as President, District Secretary and Treasurer for the year 2012-13.

For glimpses of the conference click here...


AGS Com Panduran Naik writes on Single EPF Account in the Circle.. We will take up the matter shortly with circle administration. For email copy click here.. Any additional inputs are welcome to nagavisb@gmail.com


Retention of 6 SDEs of BGTD


The stand taken by SNEA in respect of un-timely relieving of 6 SDEs is finally vindicated..

We are thankful to Shri P Raghavan, CGMT KTK, Shri Shubhendu Ghosh, PGM BGTD and both circle and BGTD administration for taking a most judicious decision to retain the said SDEs.

We congratulate all the members of BGTD, District Secretary Com Ramesh, DP Com Ranganayakulu, DVP Com Virupakshaiah, Com Huliraj DAS Central, ACS HQ Com Hiremugadur and team and all Branch Secretaries for the determination shown in this regard and constant persuation to set the clock in order.

It is the tradition of SNEA to follow ethics and principle in every issue. Our objective is to fight against injustice of every executive irrespective his affiliation and never go on narrow mindset. At this juncture we call upon for greater unity of executives forgetting these narrow differences.

To know more on the stand of SNEA view here..

For the retention order click here..



Wishing all our members a very happy INDEPENDENCE DAY...

CS met Sr GM Admn along with Com B G Sangameshwaraiah DS Tumkur and Com Venkatagiriyappa Ex Circle Org Sec.,on 14th Aug 2012 and discussed various issues. Sr GM informed that the orders of 2 JTO transfer to Raichur is already issued and the order in respect of one SDE will also be issued. GM informed that the DPC of few left out cases of TBU are complete and orders are likely to be released. We have registered our protest on some Hospitals refusing to get the admission of patients under BSNL MS due to pendancy of bills. GM assurred to look into. GM also informed that already they have replied to PGM BGTD for appropritate action in case of retentions of 6 SDEs upto March 2013.

CS attended the Branch Secretaries meeting of BGTD on 14th Aug at NTB and apprasied the issues related to circle and CHQ includiing the issue related to 6 SDEs retention.




Building Fund...

Com R Shivakumar, JTO Mulbagal, Kolar SSA donated Rs. 5,000-00 towards circle building Fund... Circle organisation is thankful to Com Shivakumar..


Thanks to Sh R N Sudhakar Sr GM....

Sr GM Tumkur Sh R N Sudhakar transferred to Malapuram Kerala Circle. Our respected Sr GM is an absorbed officer in BSNL. He is known for his simplicity, honesty, humane approach and dedication to his job. He had very good relation with our organisation. SNEA Karnataka acknowledges the services of respected GM Sh Sudhakar and is thankful to him for the honest services he has rendered in Karnataka. We also wish him all the success in his new assignment.

Sh N D Rama Raju who was working as GM STR AP circle on his transfer to Karnataka will be assuming the charge of GM Tumkur. We also welcome Sh Rama Raju to Karnataka once again. Sh Rama Raju was earlier working as GM STR Karnataka and before this assignement he had worked as DGM in circle office


Raichur Transfers:....

It is assertained that 2 JTOs and 1 SDE have opted to take transfer to Raichur SSA. The JTOs' transfer order is likely to be issued within a couple of days. In view of this development we are shortly going to resolve the issue of relieving of SDEs under transfer from Raichur and in waiting. We have already discussed this matter in detail with Sr GM Admn Karnataka Circle..


District secretary SNEA BGTD along with other office bearers met PGM BGTD on 4th Aug 2012 to discuss about cable mtce tender , issue of temporary advance and other issues. PGM BGTD assured that : 1) Mtce tender for both OFC and copper cable will be finalized before next week 2) Ty advance will be sanctioned up to 15-08-2012 for the expenditure incurred till the finalization of tender . 3 The order for retention of 6 SDEs who are transferred to other SSAs in the middle of the academic year. PGM assures that order will be issued in a day or two . 4) Relieving of Sri. Bsavarajappa SDE, to City O/D BGTD adminstration assured that he will be relieved immediately.


Uninor ...............

shut down its GSM operations in Karnataka and also in south zone. The unionor has suggested its customers to port out to other operator before 31-8-2012.. An opportunity for us to grab these customers.. Let us try hard to utilise this opportunity in our favour...

All SNEA activists to please note and act...


Relieving of SDEs from Raichur who are under transfer orders..

CS met Sr GM Admin Shri R Chandramouli and discussed the above issue in detail. We have also requested GM admn to consider the request transfer of Com G Venkateshwarlu JTO from Belgaum to Raichur who has submitted his application. We have also learnt that one SDE from Mysore is willing to take transfer to Raichur. And as revealed from the working strenght of Raichur SSA, with these arrangements the SDEs in waiting can be relieved. GM was also of the view that he will issue these incoming transfer orders to Raichur and then take action to relieve the 6 SDEs outgoing from Raichur immediately.


CS writes to Shri P Raghavan CGMT Karnataka for his intervention to ensure the forwarding of the rule 8 transfer applications of DKTD JTOs as the DKTD administration has taken a wrong decision of not to forward the applications and they are voilating the guidlines of transfer policy as well as circle office instructions. For CS letter click here. For circle office guidlines on rule 8 transfer applications click here. For denial letter of DKTD click here..

A word of THANKS to Kolar Administration.

We are extremely thankful to GM Shri Sudhakar ( GM TMK in charge of Kolar) and DGM Smt Nirmala for considering the long pending genuine demands of our Kolar SNEA members. The administration has considered the request transfer of Com Krishnamurthy SDE from Bagepalli to Chickballapur, Com Narain Nandakumar DS SNEA from Mulbagil to Kolar, Com Deepthi from Kolar to Siddlagatta. Even while alloting postings to the SDEs on incoming transfers the undue favour being shown earlier to a particular group is curtrailed and considerations are done in a transparant way without any injustice. Of course credit also should go to our young leaders like Com Nazeer, Com Narain and our District President Com Ramakrishna and all young activists of SNEA who are vigilant and persuaded the issues.



The following executives have retired on superannuation on 31-07-2012.


1. Com C Subramanian 2. Com M H Biradar 3. Com M Manjunatha 4. Com B R Basavanagoud 5. Com L S Hegde


1. Com M Vittalshastry 2. Com A V Jakathi 3. Com M S Kumbar 4. Com B K Aralimatti.

We wish them a peaceful retired life.

Com C Subramanian was a very active member of SNEA BGTD and his contributions to the association and also in building of our SNEA Bhavan needs to acknowledged and to be placed on record at this moment of his retirement.

Volunteers called for to work at Raichur SSA as SDEs ( View letter ) and also Offtg DEs at Madikere ( View letter ). The transfers will be considered in the interest of service..


After our continuous persuation circle administration has decided to write to Hassan SSA to relieve the JTOs under transfer orders. We are also perusing the matter of relieving of SDEs from Raichur SSA who are also waiting for a pretty long time.

CS along with ACS HQ Com Hiremugadur met Smt Malini GM Admn of BGTD on 28-07-2012. Com Ramesh DS BGTD, Com Ranganakulu DP, Com Virupakshaiah DVP have also attended the meeting. We have communicated our decision and resolution of 14th July District Conference regarding the retention of 6 SDEs who are relieved in the middle of academic year.


Go live ERP in Karnataka..

AGS Com Pandurang Naik (9449854464) writes on the issue. All DSs to take note of it and ensure correct data transfer etc.. For details view email of AGS here.. View BSNL CO letter here.. We will be meeting CGMT on getting the details of preparedness of SSAs from all the District Secretaries. They are requested to update CS/AGS before 31-07-2012 in this regard..


BSNL is Bouncing Back.. News in Voice and Data. To know more click here..


Com M Huliraja, AS SNEA CTO BGTD ( Ex DS AIBSNLEA ) writes to Com Pralhad Rai GS AIBSNLEA CHQ ND to clarify on the false allegations made against him in a letter written to CMD BSNL published in the AIBSNLEA CHQ website on 17-7-2012 and Com Huliraja wishes that the same be published in our website for the clarifications of all members to know the real facts. For the letter click here.. For the email copy click here..


It is reliably learnt that BGTD administration has written to fincance wing to draw the salary of (July 2012) the 6 SDEs under transfer orders; otherwise their salary was being held up. CS also met GM Admn Circle office and requested to respond to the letter written by the associaiton to retain the said SDEs upto March 2013. GM informed that the file is being processed. CS also spoke to PGM BGTD in the afternoon who in turn informed us that he will be meeting CGMT today evening. We are thankful for the positive stand taken by the administration so far.

SNEA is committed for the over all well being of the executives irrespective of their affiliation and never take decisions with narrow mentality.We believe in working for the mass and also for the individual but never for the individual at the cost of others (mass).


CS Com S B Nagavi along with ACS HQ Com M S Hiremugadur met Sr GM Admn Shri Chandramouli Sr GM Admn and discussed the following issues. (1) Left out TBU cases and corrections in date of TBU effect done in Ist upgradations. GM agreed to review all such cases. We have brought to his notice about the recent circulars of BSNL CO to consider the extra period APARs if necessary for DPC. (2) Instructions to be issued to the field units for forwarding the rule 8 applications case of DKTD.. We have brought to the notice of GM that the instructions already issued do not clear this aspect and hence need a clarification. GM issued instructions to issue one more letter in this regard. (3) Nature of action on our letter regarding the retention of 6 SDEs of BGTD upto March 2013. GM assured to discuss with CGMT and others concenred and appropriate decesion will be taken.

Meeting with PGM BGTD:

CS along with DS BGTD Com Ramesh met PGM BGTD on the issue of retention of 6 SDEs under transfer orders upto March 2013 in the afternoon. Com M S Hiremugadur ACS HQ, Com Ranganayakulu DP, Com Virupakshaiah DVP, Com Huliraja AS, Com R C Patil ADS and Com M H Gombi were also represneted by SNEA. Com Manjunath CS AIGETOA also attended the meeting. After detailed discussion PGM BGTD Shri Shubhendu Gosh assured to take up a proposal to CGMT tomorrow for the said retention. Smt Malini, GM Admn, Shri Parihar GM, Shri Venkateshwarlu DGM, Shri Krishnamurthy DGM Admn were also present in the meeting. The affected SDEs were also attended and appealed for their retention upto March 2013 in view of the difficulties they will be subjected to, if relieved now. Management appriciated the works they have done so far and assurred to help them in this regard.

We are thankful to the positive and good gesture shown by the BGTD administration in this regard...



BGTD News.....

SNEA BGTD branch yesterday met Shri Shubhendu Ghosh PGM BGTD and introduced the new office bearers and presented the list of them. Com S B Nagavi, CS Com M S Hiremugadur ACS HQ, Com Ranganayakulu, President BGTD, Com B Ramesh, District Secretary BGTD, Com Virupakshaiah Vice President, Com M Huliraja AS CTO, Com H S Dyavegouda ADS, Com K Murulidhar, Treasurer, Com Ganeshan CEC memaber, Com Prakash BS Koramangala have attended the meeting from our side. Shri Parihar GM, Shri Krishnamurthy DGM Admn were also presnet. We have held elaborate discussion on various issues including the biased action of some of the field unit officers with malafide intentions, retention of 6 SDEs being relieved in the middle of the academnic year etc., The management expressed to look into every issue with the open mind and without any bias and definately adopt proper humane approach and resolve them. It was also decided to hold a meeting again on 23rd July 2012 to settle the issue of 6 transfers. We have informed the management that the issues need to approached comprehensivly and any decision taken in part will lead to discrimination and industrial unrest and will be untolerable.


However, members of BGTD are advised to be on red alert and be prepared for the needful organisation action in the event of any deadlock in resolving the issues as decided in our district conference of BGTD held on 14th July 2012...


CS along with ACS HQ Com Hiremugadur met CGMT Karnataka Shri P Raghavan on 19th July and held detailed discussion on the issue of retaining 6 SDEs under transfer till March 2013. CGMT is in full agreement with the contents raised in our letter in this connection. But at this juncture he is not ready to interfere in the issue. This position of the CGMT was strongly protested by us.Hence comrades of BGTD have to take appropriate decesion immediately to bring proper pressure on the management to avoid the disturbance in the middle of the year.


Proceedure to be followed in forwarding the request transfer applications of JTOs and SDEs issued by Circle Office.. For circulars click here.. << JTOs>> << SDEs >>


Relieving of 6 SDEs from BGTD

CS writes to Shri P Raghavan, CGMT Karnataka Circle Bangalore for the retention of 6 SDEs till March 2013 to save huge expenditure on TA, where the transfer is without purpose in the changed present situtation.. For more details.. Click here..


For full list of BGTD Office bearers click here..


CS along with Com M S Hiremugadur ACS HQ met Sr G M Admn Shri R Chandramouli, and discussed for the early release of all pending TBU orders or publish the reasons namewise if any ommissions etc., to be supplied by the SSA. We have also thanked GM Admn for considering the transfer of Com Mulimani SDE. We have also pursued for the early relieveing of SDEs on transfer in respect of Raichur SSA.


Our New District Secretary of Bangalore Telecom District;mm1

District Conference of BGTD:

Well arranged District Conference of Bangalore Telecom District was held at Auditorium of Telephone House CTO Building at Bangalore on 14th July 2012 with a huge gathering of more than 300 members. Com Ranganayakulu AGM BP PGM Office presided over the the conference. The function commenced with the invocation by Com Shyamala Joshi. Com M S Hiremugadur DS presented the DS report and Com Ganeshan presented the accounts. The conference was attended and addressed by Com Pandurang Nayak AGS CHQ, who has elaburated all the CHQ issues in detail. His address to the house was a great attraction to the members of BGTD at this young age and very new to this post. The delegates were very much impressed by the indepth analyses of all the issues including the E2E3 scales and 78.2% fixation related matters. Com B S Venkatesh Murthy Circle President in his address stressed the need of our comitted involvement to improave our services in the present compititive market. Com S B Nagavi CS SNEA has elaburated all the circle matters including the present issues of BGTD to be dealth with in the coming days. CS also welcomed Com M Huliraja Ex DS of AIBSNLEA to our SNEA who has joined our assocaiation recently. Com Narain Nandakumar, DS Kolar has addressed the house and appreciated the role of circle in resolving the critical issues in Kolar SSA in favour of SNEA members. Com Balakrishna Aithal AS, Com K N Murulidhar OS, Com B G Sangameshwaraiah DS Tumkur, Com Padmanabhachar DS ACE Dvn, Com Chadambar DS Circle Office Bg, Com M H Gombi, Ex AGS, Com R B Joshi, Ex DS BGTD, SDE Tumkur have also attended and graced the occasion. Com Rama SDE Jayanagar CSC, one of our active lady member anchored the function.

Com Ranganayakulu AGM, Com Virupakshaiah AGM, Com B Ramesh SDE and Com K Murulidhar SDE have been unanimously elected as the President, Vice President, District Secretary and District Treasurer respectively.

Circle organisation congratulates and assures its full support for the newly elected team.

For the Glimpses of Conference Click here.

new13-07-2012:(1500 hours)

Two more AIBSNLEA members of BGTD Com G S Nagaraja AGM Ramanagar and Com Mala Dakshinamurthy SDE Sanjaynagar have joined SNEA(I) today.. We welcome these executives to our organisation.


Welcome to SNEA...

Com M Huliraja Ex District Secretary AIBSNLEA, BGTD joins SNEA(I) today. We most heartily welcome Com Huliraja to our organisation.


CS today met DGM Vig and Sr GM Admn and asertained about the VC to be sent to BSNL CO in r/o LDCE passed JTOs. It was confirmed by both the officers that it has been sent long back. We have insisted for the confirmation with the concerned authority at Delhi. We have thanked GM for having given substitutes in place of 2 SDEs sent to TERM Cell from mobile section.We have also pressurised for the early relieving of the SDEs wating on transfer from Raichur SSA.

CS yesterday met Sr GM Admn Shri R Chandramouli and protested on excluding Hubli in SDE to DE Oftg order. We have also pleaded for 18 posts to be filled up in Hubli. Sr GM clarified that of the 18 posts 4 have been diverted long back and in 14 sanctioned posts 11 are already working, there is proposal of considering 2 incoming request transfers and for the remaining 1 post officiating will be issued after the finalasaion of the said I/C transfers also pressurised for the relieving of SDEs from Rachur who are under transfer orders at an early date.


District Conference of BGTD:

The district conference of Bangalore Telecom District is scheduled to be held on 14th July 2012 ( Sencond Saturday) at Auditorium Telephone House, Bangalore. For more details visit www.sneabgtd.net


CS met Sh Chandramouli Sr GM Admn & HR yesterday and thanked him for considering the request transfer of Com Ramachandra Murthy SDE from CKG to Bangalore having less than 2 years of service and also considering the deputation of Com Kapparashetty from Hubli to Bangalore and Com Bhaskar Murthy SDE from CKG to BG both on compassionate grounds. We have also requested him to process the case of Com Shinde SDE from Raichur to Hubli who is also having less than 2 years of service. GM assurred to process the case. GM on discussing further in case of relieving of SDEs from Raichur and Gulbarga informed that the working strength of these SSAs have been thoroughly checked in these SSAs and it is found that the executives distribution ( JTO+SDE ) as on date is equal or more on far with other SSAs and hence the SSA GMs have been advised to relieve all the transferred officers immediatley without waiting for the substitutes. Hence retaining them further is discrimination. The calculation details are also furnished to us.We will further persuade the cases.


Seniority List 6 & 7:

Due to various court cases the seniority of LDCE candidates of batch 2004, 2008 and 2012 are under big question mark? It is almost like no purpose and no benefit in these excercises of holding examinations so belatedly. LDCE candidates may also visit www.ldce2004bsnl.com for further details.


1966 Seniority case:

For the stay order copy click here...

Meeting with PGM BGTD:

CS Com S B nagavi along with DS BGTD Com M S Hiremugadur met Sh Shubhendhu Ghosh PGM and held discussion on various issues like labour engagement in BGTD cable works, resolution of CDR related issues on priority, further clarifications and understanding in respect of CTOP UP and recharge related stalemate being resolved successfully and issues related to the transfer and relieving/retaining of SDEs in respect of BGTD. The discussion was co-ordeal and both side understood the issues in detail and decided to take decesion taking into consideration of the BSNL interest and rise to the occasion.

Building Fund..

Com M R Shruthy JTO MS BG ( Rs.5000-00) and Com Com B Tirumalesh AGM BGTD ( Rs.5000-00) have donated building fund. SNEA is thankful to these comrades..


First Time Bound Upgradation in the cadre of JTOs E2E3: Order issued today. For orders click here..<<1>><<2>>



JTO to SDE Oftg left out cases: Orders issued for eligible cases. For orders click here...

Subsequent Time Bound Upgradation in the cadre of JTO E3E4: Order issued today. For orders click here..<<1>><<2>><<3>>. In case of First upgradation (E2E3) orders released and will be uploaded in circle intranet tomorrow.


1966 Seniority case:

The orders in OA 227/2009 of Hon CAT Bangalore to modify seniority list No. 5 and 6 is stayed for 4 weeks by Hon High Court of Karnataka today ( 1966 reversion case) on the WP filed by SNEA(I) and AIBSNLEA vide WP No 12732/2012. Counsel Shri P A Kulkarni represented our case.

Time Bound Upgradations:

E2-E3 and E3-E4 upradations of left out SDE cases issued. For orders click here.. E2E3.. E3E4.. The cases of JTOs are in final stage and orders are likely to be issued within one or two days. SNEA will pursue the matter.

LDCE matters:

Congratulations to all the successful candidates of Karnataka..SNEA will try its level best to get their postings to the desired place. We got the BSNL CO letter endorsed to all SSAs for collecting the requests. All candidates are also requested to send their requests thr' proper channel immediately and also one scanned copy to us (nagavisb@gmail.com) to take up the matter with CHQ.

For Karnataka result list click here.. for XL sheet click here..

For circle office endt of BSNL CO instructions to send request letter click here..


As per the discussion had with Sr GM Adm by CS it is assertained that the left out SDE TBU and left out JTO to SDE Offtg order files are approved by CGMT. The orders are likely to be issued today-tomorrow..

new12-06-2012:2100 hrs

Strike Deferred:

SMS By GS Com Sebastin: Congratulations; BSNL Managment agreed our demand of 78.2% fitment w.e.f. from 1-1-2007, prospectively and arrears later and other demands kept pending. Agitation defferred..

For aggreement copy click here.. All comrades have to report for duty tomorrow..


ACE Division Conference:

The Architech, Civil and Electrical (ACE) Division Branch of Kartnatak Circle was held on 9-7-2012 at SNEA Bhavan Bangalore with a huge gathering of 50 members from all parts of Karnataka. Com Chandrashekar AGS CHQ civil wing has attended the conference and addressed on all the civil and electrical issues and the contribution of SNEA leadership in solving the issue of Time Bound Promotions and considering the residency period for counting service in BSNL. Com Chandrashekar appriciated the work of leadership of SNEA Karnataka in bringing up the towering building in Sahakar Nagar with the contribution of its members. Com S B Nagavi CS also addressed and clarified all the circle issues and the success in resolving all civil and electrical issues in respect of TBU and transfers. Com Padmanabhachari DS has presented the report. To view report click here. Com K N Muralidhar OS, Com Balakrishna Aithal AS, Com M S Hiremugadur DS BGTD and Com Ranganayakulu DP BGTD also addressed the house. Com Ravishankar Presided over the conference and thanked the efforts of CHQ and Circle in solving the issues.

Com Ravishankar, Com Padmanabhachari and Com K Shridhar have been elected as the Division President, Division Secretary and the Division Treasurer respectively for the year 2012-13.

Building Fund..

Com K Raghu ( Rs.10,000-00) , Com Damodhar Naik ( Rs 5,000-00) and Com Ravishankar ( Rs 5,000-00) have donated/assurred to donate to the Circle Building Fund. We are thankful to the doners.





Hatrick by Kum Deepa M, a student of PUC [PCMC] is Topper in COMED K, CET and PUC. Deepa is the daughter of Com Shyla Bhat, JTO, MAL E10B, active SNEA member of BGTD. SNEA Karnataka wishes her all the best once again in her dream of becoming great engineer of India.We are proud of Kum Deepa and her parents..


Organisational programme of Forum of BSNL union/ association of Karnataka View


Com B C Udaya Shankar JTO CO Bangalore has donated to Rs. 5000-00. We are thankful to Com Udaya Shankar..


Welcome to new members.

The following new members have joined SNEA at Davangere. We heartily welcome these members..

1. Com G Nagaraj SDE Holkere

2. Com B P Kulkarni AGM Davangere

3. Com S Prasad Sr SDE Mobile Services

4. Com M H Prakash AGM Harihar

5. Com V Mohan AGM Chitradurga

6. Com Usha Devi SDE Davangere..

The following office bearers have also been elected in the district conferene held at Davangere on 13-5-2012 unanimously.

Com G Nagaraj SDE District President

Com K C Chennappa SDE District Secretary

Com G Prakash JTO District Treasurer

CS Com S B Nagavi had attended the conferance and assurred to resolve the burning issues of Davangere SSA. Yes after totally resolving the issue raised by our comrades this update is being done in our website. Executives of Davangere are relieved of the saffocation they were facing due to the local arrangements being followed violating the rules/ circle office instructions all these days. We are thankful to the administration for acting now though it is too late.

new06-06-2012: Massive Dharna held in Bangalore CGMT Office and at all SSA headquarters today. Congratulations to all the participants of Dharna Programme and we request to gear up for the struggle and total indefinate strike from 13th June 2012 in full swing to achieve our long standing and just demands. For photos of Bangalore Dharna click here..

There is no change in our agitation programme. As decided by the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations all office bearers and activists are requested to intensify the Dharna programme on 06-06-2012 and make it a grand success.


Is BSNL appointed 150 new Executives in BGTD? Then where these 150 executives came from?


The legal battle waged by Com W Sheshagiri Rao and Com G L Jogi to enable the executives in BSNL to take an informed choice at the time of absorption is fresh in our memory. The benefits (an order of point to point fixation of IDA scales, proper elevated scales for executives and of course the Time Bound Promotions every 4-5 years) the executives derived out of that glorious struggle at the time of absorption till now are well known.

 The stand taken by some association to blindly going for absorption on the mere promise of Rs.2000 adhoc payment, dangerous consequences that the executives faced, had the offer been accepted is also fresh in our memory.

 The reasons for re-calling this very significant incident of the year 2000-2002 is a false propaganda that is being spread by certain quarters from BGTD.

 The propaganda says that 150 members have joined the association along with some senior comrades. One such senior comrade is elected as their office bearer. The informed members and delegates of SNEA had defeated this leader’s attempt to occupy the important posts of our organization time and again.

 We in SNEA adore democratic and transparent functioning, to be in the fore front in the fight to protect the interest of its members. 

We in SNEA abhor opportunist elements, functioning and keep away the manipulators and power mongers.

 Our membership in BGTD is in tact, rumors what so ever spread need not be believed. In fact we have improved our membership position not only in BGTD but also in all other SSAs like Kolar, Davangere, Chickmaglur, Hubli, Mobile services Bangalore, Circle office Bangalore etc.

Organizations are to be build by honest and dedicated works. The issue of notional fixation of 2004 LDCE candidates was taken by Karnataka SNEA, fought in the court and succeeded. Executives have got the benefit which took two years of legal fight. Success has many fathers and the leaders of other association who kept mum all these years are now promising the members that they would get the benefits to the left out candidates.

Every one must know that transfers of SDEs with less than 2 years service was not considered. It is the present SNEA circle body which fought the issue with the management and many executives for the last 3 years are getting this benefit.

 At one point of time JTOs gone on long stay transfer were struggling to get back to their places even after 3-4 years. It is SNEA which fought for their transfers and successful at the end. This truth is known to the affected JTOs.

 Wherever injustice is there, we from our side fully involve in the issue and fight for the them to whatever extent it is possible by us. The recent incident of Kolar is mirror before you. The management under the pressure of so called saviors of BSNL projected an innocent but very efficient JTO as riotous figure but miserably failed to prove their false allegations and the court has declared it as illegal. This case was followed up and fought by the full support of SNEA.

 The 33 to 35 rule 8 and the periodical request transfers of JTOs were the persuasions of this organization.

 Look at the issues of STR comrades. SNEA stood by the difficulties faced by the comrades working in very difficult stations in different parts of Karnataka and waiting for transfers for 4-5 years. SNEA stood for the cause of these comrades and successful in getting these requests are considered despite the dirty politics.

 Yes our utmost priority is the BSNL services. It is SNEA in Karnataka which has taken up many issues whether it is the failures of equipment or services in GSM, MPLS, NOC and CDR issues, the shortage of store materials and equally supported all the right decisions of the management.

 Even take the example recent revenue loss of Rs.3.5 crores. We did not hesitate to take up the issue with every authority like CGM, PGM, and CMD. On 30-5-2012 SNEA leadership has personally met CMD BSNL at Bangalore and brought the issue to his notice. CMD in fact appreciated the interest of this association in particular for our very serious concern in the matter.

 For every common cause we have always joined hands with our counter parts giving no room for any politics. People should not forget that being opportunistic will de-stabilse the strongly built unity and trust.

 It is on principles of fight for right cause that our association has grown to this towering height with very strong foundations. No body can snatch its committed members.

 We shall be happy if these friends from other association desist from making false claims and incorrect propaganda.  

Executives in general and from SNEA in particular are well informed, knowledgeable and capable of dismissing these false propaganda with the contempt that it deserves. 




SNEA Karnataka Circle extends best wishes for all comrades retiring today on superannuation, for a happy and peaceful retired life. Comrade you are starting a new journey and exceptional chapter of your life. May your days be filled with elation and triumph. We thank you for your dedication & congratulate you on your retirement.

(1) Com G R Kuthubuddin DGM

(2) Com N Narasappa DGM

(3) Com A G Kudagi SDE

(4) Com B S Gadagi SDE

(5) Com I S Hallur SDE

(6) Com A S Biradar SDE

(7) Com G M Pujar SDE

(8) Com I B Ramagondanavar SDE

(9) Com S S Hiremath SDE

(10) Com Sophiamma Kuriakose SDE

(11) Com Manur Babu SDE

(12) Com I S Navalli SDE

(13) Com G R Bhattarmakki SDE



Dharna Programme:

Instead of today being Bharath Bhand, lunch hour demonstration will be held tomorrow the 1st June 2012 as per the CHQ call of Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations.

Meeting with CMD BSNL:

SNEA Karnataka under the leadership of CS Com S B Nagavi, along with BGTD DS Com M S Hiremugadur and President Com Ranganayakulu met CMD BSNL respected Shri

R K Upadhyaya,

yesterday in Ashoka Hotel after Parlimentary Committe Meeting. CS in addition to discussing staff matters like requesting for additional justified DE vacancies, generalising the notional fixation to LDCE candidates, in detail discussed on the loss created due to the artificial shortage of CTOPUP and recharge products in Bangalore TD by the wrong handling of the Franchesee issue. Though the issue is resolved temperorily it may crop in again. We have as per the decesion taken by SNEA BGTD proposed that a parallel channel of suppply be made available to avoid such shortages in future. The CTOP UP can be extended to all our field executives who are the front end managers, facing the customers and also to all other executives who are willing to sell the CTOUP products. CGM Shri P Raghavan and PGM Shri Shjri Shubhendhu Ghosh also appriciated our proposal.

We are thankful to CGM and Sr GM Admn for having arranged the meeting even in the busy schedules of the CMD.


Revenue of Rs 3.5 Crores !!!

Today morning after confirming of the stalemate between BGTD management and Franchisees, CS has written to Shri R K Upadyaya CMD BSNL through email at 1130 hours. In the afternoon CGMT Karnataka held meeting with the Franchisee and then directed them to meet PGM. Today evening the BGTD administration has agreed to accept cheques and we are expecting the normal business in Bangalore from tomorrow. For the copy of the email click here.. Now the big question before us is WHO is responsible for the loss of 10 days to the tune of Rs. 3.5 crores. It is unfortunate that this decesion would have been taken 10 days before by calling the meeting of the business parteners. Circle organisation has continuously pursued the issue with the managment for the last 10 days.

DS BGTD is holding emergency meeting on 29th at 1730 hours in NTB on this issue.


The views of our AGS Com Pandurang Naik on Franchese-BSNL MOU and suggetions for improvement. Another face of the whole issue.. To know more view...


The shortage of Re-charage/ CTOP UP in Bangalore draws the media attention. Click here for the report in the Kannadaprabha Daily today. CS after seeing the report immediately visited PGM Office and met Sh Shubhendhu Ghosh PGM BGTD and discussed on the seriousness of the issue. PGM BGTD says that he is ready to accept the cheques of the prompt Francheses whose cheques have not bounced. He has also directed concerned DGM to immediately call for the meeting of the Francheses to convey them the management decesion . DS BGTD Com Hiremugadur and DP BGTD Com Ranganayakulu were also present in the meeting.


GS SNEA CHQ Com Sebastin writes to Sh R K Upadhyaya on the revenue loss of Rs 2. 2 Crores in Bangalore TD due to sudden policy change in the Franchisee Policy.The revenue loss is recurring and it will be 2.5 Crores as on today. For letter click here..


The JTOs under transfer orders were relieved by the circle administration directly today. This issue was continuously pursed by SNEA and finally the relieving has been ensured. For order click here.. However the JTOs of Hassan SSA are not covered in this order. We will strongly protest on the stand of the administration. The District Branch may also pursue at SSA level as suffcient executives have been posted to Hassan SSA.


CS S B Nagavi writes to CGMT Karnatka Sh P Raghavan regarding consideration of request transfers in the casdre of ADOL in accordance with the transfer policy/rules being followed....For letter click here...




Approximately revenue of Rs 2.2 Crores loss to Karnataka Circle !!!!

Who is responsible for this loss???

The Employees, Executives or the management ???

The average revenue collection from the CTOP Up segment in Bangalore was an average of Rs.33 lakhs per day.

From 17th May 2012 to 24th May 2012 the revenue collection from the CTOP Up and Recharge segment has become nearly big ZERO in BGTD.

This is due to a sudden change in the policy decesion of the BGTD management. Normally on cheques of the francheses the CTOP Up was released but due cheque bouncing of one or two case, the BGTD managment enforced all the francheses to buy these topups by paying cash/DD. But this condition generally being imposed on to the defaulted agency, it has been generalised to all; aggrevating the situtation by deliberately imposing the instructions on the trusted and reliable business parterners also.

CS Com S B Nagavi had contacted respected PGM BGTD Sh Shubhendu Ghosh on 18th May 2012 over phone. On 19th May 2012 an email was also sent to GS with copy to PGM/CGMT Bangalore also. CS has also contacted respected CGMT Karnataka Sh P Raghavan over phone on 19th May 2012. Again on 23rd May 2012 CS has personally met CGMT Sh P Raghavan and appraised of non resolving the issue. Today CS has met Sh Koundinyan Sr GM in charge of S&M, Sh Chandramouli Sr GM HR and Admn ( Both CGM/PGM are out of HQ) and tried to assertain the business conditions anything that have been changed. Even as on today the 24th May 2012 issue remains unresolved.

By invoking sub para 'f' of para 'K' of 2009 Franchisee sales and Distribution Policy now; sudden policy change has been imposed. When prevailing proceedure was smooth for all these years- this sudden change has created a scarcity of CTOP UP and Recharges of BSNL products in Bangalore.

While it is our sincere effort with the managment; some senior officers are trying to create an impression that SNEA is in favour of selling BSNL products free of cost.

SNEA Karnatka is pursuing the issue very seriously not to loose our revenue wihi is in the pipeline; in the interest of the company and for our bread and butter. Com G L Jogi our President has also sent a mail in this regard to all concerned.

For the mail extracts linked below gives you the stand of this association.

<< Mail by CS to all concerend dtd 19th May 2012>>

<< Reply mail by Com Jogi dtd 22nd May 2012>>

<< Latest mail by CS dtd 24th May 2012>>

If issue doesn't get resolved, we may have to start organisational action in addition to writing to MOC/CMD BSNL to highlight the non-interest of the Karnataka BSNL managment in BSNL business segments....

Meeting with GM Admn by CS..

DE to DGM DPC: 53 APAR/SR reached BSNL CO by special messenger by air today..

GM issued instructions to issue direct relieving orders from circle office in respect of JTO request transfer orders issued last month...

GM admn informed that he had already discussed with GM Kolar Sh Sudhakar to resolve the issues of JTO transfers immeidately.

GM informed that JTO to SDE Oftg in case of 9 left out cases will be issued shortly in case of BGTD..




State Topper from SNEA/BSNL family



Deepa M, a student of PUC [Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science (PCMC)] at MES Kishore Kendra here, topped the state for the Science stream by securing 593 out of 600, with a percentage of 98.83. Deepa is the daughter of Com Shyla Bhat, JTO, MAL E10B, active SNEA member of BGTD. SNEA Karnataka wishes her all the best in her future plans of her education...

An article of Sh Vishweshwar Bhat in Todays Kannada Prabha on the style of administration.. an interesting story to be read by all. If you want to read click here..



United Forum of Executives;

Com S B nagavi CS and Com Chidambar DS CO along with Com H Y Andeli CS AIBSNLEA and Com Mahantesh Banagar ACS AIBSNLEA today met Sh P Raghavan, CGMT Karnataka to discuss on the relieving of the SDEs who are on transfer orders. We have focussed on the issue of none being relieved from Raichur. We have also served a detailed letter on the iussue. For letter click here. Later we have also met Sr GM HR and Admn Sh R Chandramouli and submitted our stand very clearly as CGM has suggested to discuss with him in detail. If these relieving are delayed/not effected, it will totally de-stabilise the agreed understanding of the associations with the managment and the proceedure being followed for years. Hence we may have to step in to organisational actions. Members are requested to be on alert in this regard.



Com A G Kulkarni SDE STR Hubli has donated Rs.10,000-00 and Com A Krishnamurthy SDE Civil has donated Rs.5,000-00 towards circle builiding fund. Circle Organisation is thankful to both the members for the generous donation..


We are thankful to Shri P Raghavan, CGMT, Sh R Chandramouli Sr GM HR and the circle administration for conisdering the postings and modifications of all the genunine cases viz deputation of Com T Bhaskarmurthy, retention of Com Tirumalesh SDE BGTD on medical grounds, re-modification of posting of Com Navalgi to BGTD who has been returned from NE circle, deputation of Com Lingappagowda SDE from Madikeri to DKTD and clearing the long pending TBU case of Com Parande SDE Bijapur, Com N L Bhosle Retired SDE BM (Ex Circle President SNEA KTK).

We are pursing for the relieving of the JTOs who are under treansfer orders to various SSAs. GM Admn and HR has spoken to many GMs of concerned SSAs in this regard. We will further pursue the cases.

STR Transfer News:

We are thankful to CGMT STR and GMM STR Bangalore Shri Mishra for having considered all our request transfers and officiating arrangement implimentaions viz Com Ramachandra DE CKG relieved to Kerala on transfer, Com A G Kulkarni SDE Gokak relieved to Hubli on transfer to join spouze, Com Vijaykumar SDE Hassan relieved to Chickmaglur to join as DE Offtg Chikmaglur, Com P G Joshi SDE Raichur relieved to join as DE Offtg Tumkur.

However, the transfer of Com Rajendra SDE Bidar who is in tenure station is yet to be considered by the STR administration. SNEA will further pursue the matter vigourously with CGM office by visiting to Chennai.

Still STR administration has to resolve the issue of setting right the acute shortages in STR outdoor maintenance in various SSAs. This issue also will be taken up with the CGMT STR Chennai shortly.


JTO to SDE Officiating

The much awaited JTO to SDE Officiating orders issued for 250 vacancies today. We are pressurising for issue of officiating to the left out vacancies also. It depends on the receipt of CRs/SRs as already called for by the circle office published by us on 10th May 2012. It may also be noted that we have very strongly opposed the disturbances done in the last spell, that the JTOs of BGTD were posted out of BGTD. This issue was very carefully pursued by the circle organisation and was successful in convincing the circle administration; that it cannot be treated as declining of the promotiuon. We are very much greatful to Sh P Raghavan, CGMT Karnataka and Sh R Chandramouli Sr GM HR & Admn for having considered our presentation in the said issue. We are also thankaful for the comrades of BGTD for the solidarity support shown by them in this regard otherwise a struggle was inevitable this time. We congratulate the comrades of BGTD.

For orders of officiating click here.

For the further CRs called for. Pl click here. .


One more modification order issued in 2012 SDE transfer orders. For orders click here...

JTO to SDE Officiating: CRs/SR called for in respect of 134 more JTOs. For letter click here..


AGS Com Pandurang Nayak today visited circle office Bangalore:

Along with CS; he met Sh P Raghavan CGM Karnataka. CS introduced him to CGMT Karnataka as our new Assistant General Secretary CHQ. AGS Com Nayak discussed many technical matters related to OF cable, FTTH-ONT, GEPON related issues and the immediate need of OF cable and other stores.

CS, AGS and DS BGTD also met Sh R Chandramouli Sr GM Admn and HR and discussed various issues already taken up earlier. JTO to SDE Offtg order is likely to be issued in couple of days. Regarding online training; Webinar circular already issued. Request transfer new guidlines already issued. Relieving of SDEs in r/o Bidar, Karwar on transfer; GM informed that action will be taken to relieve them directly from circle office. Regarding the relieving of SDEs from Raichur next week decesion will be taken. Relieving of JTOs will also be pursued.

CS writes to Sh R Chandramouli Sr GM Admn and HR to consider the request for deputation of Com T Bhaskar Murthy SDE Birur to Bangalore on medial grounds as he is in absolute need of medical support. For letter click here..



Administration has issued circulars as per our request/proposal on the following issues.

(1) Training for online examinations for E2E3/E3E4 Time Bound upgradations. For letter click here. The District Secretaries are requested to pursue the matter with SSA heads to fix the dates of training programmes in co-ordinatioon with RTTC Mysore ..

(2) Guidlines for registering the request/Rule 8 transfers of JTOs issued. It may be noted that in future no request will be registered at circle office before completion of 2 years service as the said order. For letter Click here..


CS Met Sr GM Admn Sh R Chandramouli and pursued the following issues.

(1) Training by RTTC My to the preperation for the E2E3/E3E4 online examinations: GM told that already he has approved a letter to be sent to SSAs in this regard. DGM and AGM HRD who present in the meeting were also asked why the said letter was not released so far. He has issued strict instructions to issue circular immediately. (2) Request Transfer of ADOL Com Shibu from Tumkur: GM informed that the modalities are being worked out to distribute the ADOL to the maximum SSAs as it is mandatory as per the corporate guidlines. As Com Shibu has completed 2 years in Tumkur his case will be definately considred for transfer.(3) JTO to SDE Officiating: The scruitiny is completed and will process the case.


CMD BSNL Sh R K Agarwal speaks to SNEA and other unios at Calcutta. For details view....


After series of discussions with Circle Office; now Circle Administration has issued strict instructions to relieve all the transferred SDEs on 5-5-2012. For letter click here.

TTA to JTO Officiating orders issued. For orders click here..

JTO to SDE Officiating orders are likely to issued this week. On this also we have held detailed discussions with circle administration to avoid the discrimination created in the last officiating order. We are closely monitoring the process. Comrades of BGTD are to be on red alert to face any such discrimination if once again imposed on us..

Regarding the relieving of the JTOs on request transfer the District Secretaries are requested to kindly update on the latest position so that we will take up the matter with the circle administration..


CS along with Com Chidambar DS Circle Office met Sh Chandramouli Sr GM Admn and HR and discussed the following issues on 2-5-2012.

(1) TTA to JTO Officiating: GM informed that orders are being issued.

(2) JTO to SDE Officiating: GM informed the file will be put up to CGM in a couple of days.

(3) Relieving of SDEs who are on long stay transfer in case of BGTD and Karwar etc: GM Spoke toPGM MR who is in charge of Karwar and DGM BGTD for immeidate action in the matter. LOn our side we have made it very clear that the delay in relieving is on the part of administration and this will lead to the situation where the agreed cut off date needs to be revised accordingly in future.

(4) Releiving of SDEs who are on transfer orders in case of Bidar, Gulbarga, Raichur and other SSAs who had gone on long stay transfer: GM admin assurred to look into.

(5) Arrangeing training for the E2E3\/ E3E4 TBU on line examinations: GM assured to issue instractions to SSAs to programme for web based vedio interactive training SSA wise thr' RTTC faculty.

DGM Staff Shri Devadas Retired:

DGM Staff Shri Devadas retired from services on 30-4-2012. A fare well function was arragned by the circle administration on 2-5-2012. CS and DS BGTD attended the function and addressed on the occassion.

Very efficient, soft spoken, transparent and most humane officer Shri Devadas; was helpful to all the staff and executives in discharging his duties and exhibited the true qualities of HR section. SNEA Karnatka is thankful for the services rendered by him as AGM and DGM staff. We wish him pleasant peaceful retired life. SNEA will remember his services always.



CS Com S B Nagavi will be on leave from 21st to 28th April 2012 on personnel work. Com K N Muralidhar Circle Org Secretary will be in charge of CS. For any emergency members are requested to contact Com K N Murulidhar (9448010099) or Com M S Hiremugadur DS BGTD ( 9449854786) ..



Important Message on the judgement in OA No.227/2009 in Hon CAT Bangalore ( 1966 case)..

It is a case where the seniority of the 1966 qualified JTOs who PROMOTED AS SDEs in 1998 is getting disturbed and the senior JTOs who are non qualified and promoted in 2000 as SDEs under 1996 RRs will stand seniors to these qualified candidates according to the said judgement.

Both the associations SNEA and AIBSNLEA have now filed the Writ Petition ( Appeal) challanging the said order to ensure the seniority of the qualified candidates over the non qualified. This is an issue where serious legal fight is inevitable. Though our association has already spent huge amount on the legal expenses in CAT and now in Hon High Court; we may be in difficulty if the affected SDEs do not contribute for the legal case. We therefore request all the concerned SDE/DEs to contribute Rs.2000/- each so as to further proceed in the case effectively.



...............ristricted to members only..................